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Neo Cons: American Assassinations No Big Deal our Hero Lincoln Did the Same thing

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: This is Im going to play a little bit of the intro of Bret Baier asking the question, and then Krauthammers shocking response.

[Clip] Woman: And the Constitution says you cannot deny a person due process. You cannot deny them life, liberty, property, without offering them due process.

Goldberg: The Constitution says Congress can declare war, and everyone agreed that that was a declaration of war.

Woman: But we have seen the Supreme Court rule over and over that, even if he was an enemy combatant, he still has constitutional rights. Hes an American.

Goldberg: I guarantee, I will bet you the Congress, the Court does not have a problem with this.

Charles Krauthammer: We had the Civil War in which our side mowed down American citizens, Confederate soldiers who were recognized never recognized as the members of another country, in battle after battle. In Picketts Charge, we didnt send lawyers out to interview Confederate soldiers and ask them if they were Americans, read them Miranda Rights, which of course that didnt exist until a hundred years later. We shot them.

Woman: But they were wearing uniforms.

Charles Krauthammer: That doesnt but they were American citizens.

Woman: Right.

Goldberg: Confederate spies in the North were shot on sight.

Woman: No, but they…

Charles Krauthammer: The point is that American citizenry protects you. It doesnt apply in insurrection. Now, normally people will say only insurrection on American soil, though why should your presence in Yemen protect you? Here was a guy who was fomenting insurrection, trying to get Americans to turn against the United States and to attack America in the homeland. [End clip]


Mike: Did you hear Goldberg jump in there? Well, Southern spies, Confederate spies were ordered shot on capture. Oh, just bathe in the blood of the Confederacy, Jonah Goldberg, you hack. I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this is just sick. And Krauthammer, Well, we mowed down entire armies of Confederate soldiers. I beg to differ with you, sir. They never were recognized as citizens…. Recognized by who, that tyrant tinhorn dictator, Abraham Lincoln? You have got to be kidding me. The reason there was an alleged war that was started by Mr. Lincoln was because the South separated. Those, you know, this really just pisses me off. The Southern soldiers swore an oath to protect and defend the Confederate Constitution, or the Constitution of their state in the absence of the Confederate Constitution being ratified. I mean, this is beyond-the-pale macabre,here.

So the longing for the Neocon wing of the Republican Party is, look, if you guys dont go along with us, well be perfectly justified in shooting all of you Tea Party hacks that try and secede again. Oh, yeah, well take you out. Even if you declare yourself citizens of Texas, Obama will be justified, or President Romney will be justified in sending the Army out to kill you. Anything else youd like to do to me, Charles? Any other deprivation of life and property youd like to visit upon me while youre bathing in the war blood of people that have decided they do not want to be governed by you and your idolatry to Abraham Lincoln any longer?

I mean, folks, really, this is the end sum game here, and this is where there is a divide that ought to be talked about, ought to be debated, and ought to be exploited. If the citizens of this country decide and when I say country, I mean those living in a state. If they decide that they have had enough of the federal Leviathan, that theyve had enough of their fiat currency, that theyve had enough of their sons and daughters being called into never-ending wars, that they have had enough of the tyrannical EPA, that theyve had enough of the devaluation of their properties, that theyve had enough of federal Georges coming into their states and their localities and telling them they cant pray in public, that theyve had enough of all the three-and-a-half batrillion kadrillion kajillion things that this federal monster of Mordor on the Potomac River does, and they choose a different form of government, different from what is currently in force here, that is their natural, God-given, human right to do so. But to invoke Lincoln mowing down indiscriminate well, I shouldnt say indiscriminately. There was a battle, and the South did shoot back, so scratch that. But to invoke Pickett just mowing down Confederate citizens as the justification for this?

You see now that the conservatives in the Republican arm or the DeceptiCon wing of the Republican Party has no problem with the size and the gargantuan nature of the state, ladies and gentlemen. They have no problem with the state exercising and using brutal, lethal force against you or anyone else. Mike, are you comparing Awlaki to the Confederates? No, I am not. But the statement is clear. Look, we have we taught people what happens if they dont agree with ourgovernment.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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