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Neo Yankees: Cleanse U.S. Military of Any Remaining Respect For Confederacy

todayMay 28, 2013 2

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Is_Davis_A_Traitor_front_coverMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of  Confederacy hating Neo-Yankee demands that the South disappear, forever plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Every subculture in the world has its own principles of what it considers right action, from the Boy Scout Oath (now sadly empty words even for that organization) to liberal demands for “sensitive” language usage. What Kirk’s juxtaposition of the Permanent Things with abnormity points out is that a proper norm is not merely whatever standard happens to exist within some subculture, but an authoritative standard rooted in the nature of existence.” Bruce Frohnen, Imaginative Conservative

Read a FREE Chapter of “Is Davis A Traitor” Edited with commentary by Mike Church – This book is THE greatest work on the Constitution  and the right of secession ever written

Big Media is asked to perform CPR on Eric Holder’s well deserved reputation as an out of control statist

Neo-Yankees at NY Times demand that the military installations named for Confederate military heroes be cleansed of their  “slaveocracy” origins and renamed to honor real military heroes-those “United States military forces” who crusaded to deny the Confederacy’s right to govern itself

The incoherence of our interventionism: Arms sales from Europeans to some Syrians are wonderful news! Arms sales of similar weapons from Russians to some Syrians are terrible news! U.S. citizens taxed and spent in the middle

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TIC: Bruce Frohnen tries to explain, using Russell Kirk’s inspiration, that “normal” is NOT a relative thing but is instead a life spent pursuing the great, permanent things and yes, Faith and family are number one & two

The vote of the Boy Scouts Council to admit homosexual scouts has been met with a backlash that will hopefully endure. Meanwhile, Catholics are starting their own Scout organizations

W. James Antle III: Bob Dole would not make a “good Republican” today and that says a lot about how far the GOP has PROGRESSED

NY Times Editorial Board pounces on Dole’s appearance on FNS to proclaim that the OLD GOP was soft & gentle and understod 2 party systems, funny I don’t recall such praise when those Republicans were actually “governing”

Mr. McCain’s war: unable to convince the Senate or the American public that joining the war in Syria with our new rebel buddies is a wise thing to do, Senator McCain visits the rebels PERSONALLY

The immigration welfare state experiment we are asked to enlist in is now reported as failing and dangerous in Sweden where immigrant ghettoes (yes, they have those in Sweden) smolder and burn like their French counterparts and fear institutionalizes white flight (yes, they have that too)

TIC’s Brad Birzer: What REALLY happened during Paul Revere’s famous ride and honoring the Memorial Day veterans of Lexington Green

COPPERHEADS: Jordan Bloom has seen the marvelous new film “Copperhead” (I have seen it twice now) and wonders whether early criticism of the film is just knee-jerk reaction to any work that doesn’t tow the victorious side’s propaganda

WWWD, What Would Weiner Do? – Apparently, eating outdoors in New York City is only permissible when Nanny Bloomberg says it is

Citizen, you will obey your federal and corporate overlords, surrender your opposition and accept peasantry for the masses as inevitable, citizen!!! aka has amconmag’s Scott Galupo run a white flag up the Spirit of ’76 flagpole?

What do you get when nitwits at the WaPo are crossed with halfwits from the NRA (National realtors Association)? You get fantasy as economic reality and herd mentality as replacement for prudence

Meanwhile, Lumber prices have crashed (again) as the “housing boom” prepares to go “housing collapse”

As WaPo and NRA crow about the miracle of rising home prices, here is the cold water needed to be thrown on the ensuing adolescent fantasy

BernYankMe and his hooded henchmen are inflating this edition of the housing bubble even more rapidly than the last calamity

Europeans want to secede from the EU’s currency which logically entails their seceding from the EU as well, funny after reading the story, I didn’t find any references to “racism” or “slavery” or irrationality or…

Did yahoonews.com just use the term “bromance” to describe the Christie/Obama love affair? Is Obama campaigning FOR Chris Christie?

Now losers who take out $100k in “student loans” to pursue dream jobs as lawyers but wind up as salaried government hacks, can SUE THEIR LENDER to have their debt forgiven. Can you say “Occupy Courthouse”?

Wars receive names from those who fight them to describe what they were fighting for, is our endless war “against terrorism” to be named as such? Will any name ever stick to the deadly, expensive endeavor?

“Warning Will Robinson-stock trader approaching!” Buying the stock market, long term, right now is economically stupid. Here is why

Dazed and confused: Louisiana Legislature to debate decriminalizing marijuana possession


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