The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

New Blood In Leviathan, Red Blood

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – There’s new blood in and around Leviathan, however the question remains, can the new guys do what Ronald Wilson Reagan couldn’t? Probably not, wake up folks! Our solution isn’t going to come from changing the deck chairs on the S.S. Leviathan Titanic.

Theother big talk of the day, coming from the Libtard side of thescrimmage field, is ‘Republicans aren’t gonna be able to doanything…". Yes, it is painfully honest that the methods we’ve beentaking may not have produced the preferred results, however, theDemocrats got a crack at fixing the issue and we all witnessed whatcame of that so now it’s the conservative’s turn to swing the bat!

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