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New Orleans – Where The Streets Have No Pave?
©2012 Mike Church

The mean streets of the French Quarter are about to get a makeover courtesy of the brokest broke nation in the history of broke nations and a road building scam called “Paths to Progress” which is more appropriately titled “Paths to Insolvency”. The program promises $65 million worth of repairs1.

Some of you might wonder why anyone would have a problem with the Feds showering us with “boatloads of federal money” for anything and I would reply that they don’t HAVE any money so all the City is doing is tucking another IOU under the pillowcases of young Who Dats who will get the bill in 20 years.

Even if that weren’t the case, the French Quarter is a FOR PROFIT region of a for profit city. Why should citizens of Charleston SC or Bakersfield CA  be taxed to subsidize smooth walking surfaces for drunk tourists in New Orleans? Let’s ask the question another way: if the City of New Orleans cannot find the money needed to clean up the non, urban canker sore parts of the city, then who needs a City government to start with?

Yeah but Mike, its the “SuperBowl” we gotta look good ‘bra’. Well that may be true me cher and that should be motivation enough for the city and the state to mobilize citizens and businesses to raise the funds and do the work ourselves. After all when the game is over and the fans have gone back to Florida, whose city is this to maintain the gains we are told the game will bring?Will there be a Landrieu/Vitter  “Crescent City got its mojo back” bailout in the future?

Every citizen of this union is now on the hook for $184,000 in national debt. If folks can’t figure out why it isn’t wise to add $90 million to that for drunk sports fans the only thing being cleaned around here is the clock that is our collective mind.


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