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New Republican Education Platform, Same as the Old GOP Education Platform Give or Take $20 Billion

todayMay 24, 2012 1 1

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Sanders to hack economists at DC summit: Guys, uhhh, we do have to check with the Constitution to see if the gubbmint has the authority to actually experiment on people’s finances

Sooo, we KNOW that Obama’s BLS has cooked the UE numbers to make it LOOK LIKE the rate is falling and now Romney, using similar methodology promises to keep up the trend? Why not stick with the stop adding debt, eliminate agencies, stabilize tax rates WITHOUT a UE #!?

In his tireless, 1 man crusade for fiscal sanity, Alan Simpson draws fire from geezered citizens who will never hear of this thing called “posterity” and why they oughtta sacrifice for it (again)

We’re Screwed: There is NO bi-partisan consensus that we should be ending wars, any wars at any time in the near future because O & R are essentially the same

Colin Powell doesn’t get the Romney foreign policy because at its core, ROMNEY doesn’t get what Kristol-Kagan-Hannity et al want him to do/bomb/invade/build et cetera

That grass roots [r]epublican groundswell we talked about this morning with Tammy Blair manifests itself BIG-TIME in KY with Rand Paul picked upstart mauling GOP hack insiders for Northern KY House race

Romney promises “school choice reform” which is code for Big Brother knows best when Republicans are in charge as DeceptiCONS line up to endorse the latest heroic attempt for the Feds to “fix” something they have no role in to begin with

Schiff: The crash I predicted in 2007 has NOT actually occurred yet, but thanks to Obama & BernYankMe it will and it will be even worse than what I predicted 6 years ago

Why I cannot be a partisan hack: Because I would have to say ludicrous things about ridiculous people that cannot possibly be true or sincere… yet I say them because its a living (Palin endorse Orrin Hatch)

Update on Columbia SC super snake: It has gone underground and has not been seen since photographed Tuesday

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Scott Statham

Hooray! Things will be so much better when the [R]epublicans are in charge…. (insert gun into mouth)

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