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Newt Proclaims He Is “The Last Conservative Standing” i.e. ANOTHER Black Eye For The Term “Conservative”

todayApril 12, 2012 1

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So much for Newt’s “The Last Conservative Standing” agitprop – Ron Paul draws THREE THOUSAND to rally in Ft. Worth TX – Story WITH photo evidence

This video of a debate between an Cardinal and an A-theist is actually pretty good to watch and may surprise those who think the isshah of God’s existence can’t be rationally debated (see today’s MCS for such an example)

Black Eyed Peabrains: Newt proclaims he is THE Last Conservative Standing, gee I wonder what part of Ron Paul’s definition Father Fundamental has recently adopted?

CNN’s LZ Granderson: “Racism still hurts us [blacks] but NOT as much as we hurt ourselves” (emphasis mine)

Govenuh Ruhmen lays out his bold agenda for day 1 of the Ruhmneh Administration, hmmm I was snooping around looking for the word “constitution” on this and couldn’t find it!?

Ask a stupid question: George Will wonders if it is time to admit defeat for the DEA et al and Legalize drugs!? George it is time to admit defeat and stop unconstitutionally claiming Congress has this power

We’re All Illinois’ans now as Providence RI Mayor fires adviser when he leaks the truth that the city will have to declare bankruptcy

The ludicrous actions of the GSA are NOT a scandal, they are the behavior I expect to see from any bureau or agency so far removed from the governed in so incredibly out for scale “government”. ReThinking The American Union NOW anyone?

Wow, the evil “Information Purification League” seen last in the famous Apple Computer “1984” TV spot seems to have been hiding all along at NR since Rich Lowry took over as Father I mean Editor

Looks like Herman Cain & Col/Rep Allen West will continue winning awards for statesman like choices of words as West tells Townhall meeting “…78 to 81 members of the Democratic Party that are members of the Communist Party.”

Paul Mulshine strikes another blow against DeceptiCONIA by unraveling some of the sordid, elitist past & present of the pious holding “exceptional” court at NR

Gary North says [r]epublicans can still find [r]epublic like life in small towns here in US of A

Gee what a SHOCKUH, Ann Coulter just LOVES some Romney promises to bomb, invade, spread “American Exceptionalism” rinse and repeat unlike that wussie Obama who only bombed, invaded, droned then rinsed & repeated SANS “USA, USA. USA”

WSJ’s Henninger-The Left identifies Public Enemy #1: Paul Ryan, wow if Ryan is the new most wanted by the Left what does that say about the prospect…ANY PROSPECT of undoing the damage done by Obama?

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