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The Mike Church Show World HQ
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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of why theNSA’s Surveillance State plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “In the larger Batman story, there are ever expanding and widening concentric circles of community and responsibility in an egalitarian-ish hierarchy that nicely parallels the Catholic teaching of subsidiarity. Indeed, it is well established in the history of the Waynes that they are  Roman Catholic. In one of the best story lines written about Batman, Chick Dixon establishes the Waynes in the line of Arthur, and, as it turns out, Bruce Wayne protects the Holy Grail in this modern day.”

Whither Count Chocula? Brits play guinea pigs for new hamburger that was grown in a petri dish from cow DNA. If we can grow cows, grow vegetable that are resistant to Roundup, can a tasty box of Boo Berry or Count Chocula be far behind!?

What can conservatives learn from Bruce Wayne aka Batman? Brad Birzer tells us: A LOT

Media Incompetence. Fox News runs with a story headline promoting “Intercepted communications between Al Queda leaders” led to the Embassy shut downs then proceeds to inform the reader that no one will confirm the dubious “facts” of the story! “Asked about the claim, officials with the CIA and Office of the Director of National Intelligence would not confirm the details of any such intercepted communications.”

Bush buyers remorse? Newt Gingrich is feigning “a change of heart” in foreign policy and our indefensible wars and bellicosity in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the mid-east. Daniel Larison points out that Gingrich still IS a DeceptiCON and is therefore exercising more damage control than philosophical change.

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Newt proudly admits he “is a NeoCon” which is odd because I thought that Jeffrey Lord and Mark Levin had argued with me and Tom Woods that there was no such thing as a “neocon” but that it was a term invented to defame American Jews

The Latin phrase of the day. “In cute curanda plus aequo operanda juventus.” Youth unduly busy with pampering the outer man.

If it is true that the GOP has melted into a “cheerful ball of hate” because it has so many factions inside it compounded by egos the size of Caligula then one might ask what series of events could possibly cause such a rift? The inconvenient answer to Miss Davidson’s tirade against Senator Rand Paul is that government has failed nearly every constituency it is publicly allowed to claim ownership of. All that legitimately remains to be debated is self absorbed spending and re-election priorities.

Flashback to Lew Rockwell: What exactly do the DUI, DWI laws and the .08 BAC laws criminalize?! Crimes that have YET to occur

Rep Justin Amash is not cracking under the stress of so many attacks being hurled Senator Paul’s way and stands by his earlier statements that Edward Snowden is indeed a “whistleblower” and not the “traitor” Rep Peter King et al try and paint him as.

Producer_T_shirt_displayThe WaPo sells to amazon’s owner for 1/20th of what the WSJ sold for 5 years ago, proving the unstoppable demise of big media outlets in the current paradigm. of course this doesn’t mean that al that money and power went to but there HAS been a transfer of reading locations with the new ones being nearly devoid of profit potential

From the “if you have nothing to hide why do you care if the government spies on al of us” file comes THIS, the DEA has bee funneling cherry picked “intelligence” gleaned from wiretaps and other “data mining” to police forces across the country to set-up arrests for drugs and then bury the warrantless, illegal paper trail

RNC to CNN: Run that puff piece on Mrs Clinton you are filming and we will shut you out of ALL our Presidential debates come 2015/16. This begs the question of just how far the evolution of CNN can go from a news outlet to a spinoff of the Travel Channel

Where the jobs are: In government and “non-profits” as this story and chart show, gubbmint job growth is the NUMBER ONE GROWTH industry in the United States

What in the Hades is a “temperature poll” and why in Dude’s holy name should I care? Ohhh, because Chris Christiani is currently the “hottest” pol tested using it

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