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Newtown Resident Bill Wants Media Slugs to LEAVE NEWTOWN ALONE

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio – Our Daily Clip today is a special one… Bill from Newtown, CT called in to the show and expressed his opinion on what the media is doing to his town.  We’ll let Bill speak for himself in today’s audio, we’re all praying for you and your town Bill:

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So why aren’t the deceptionCON’s yelling, “Obama is making this political”. It truly is a tragedy that the politicians and the media use this event to push whatever agenda they are trying to advance, at the expense of the very people they are reporting on. This town did not seek notoriety. And now, more than ever, the need solitude and a chance to heal. I say, the media is impacting the communitee as much as the event. Tis time to leave, and let the wound scab over.

Wil Shrader Jr.

Where is the shame heaped upon these opportunists? I do not believe in crying, “where’s the government?!” when horrible things occur. There should be outrage from these same people in the disgusting and shameless exploitation of this tragedy for the sake of ratings by the media. Is not being left alone what most of us want in all area of our lives? The added insult is implication that the people of this community cannot recover from this without the constant attention and intrusive offerings of “help”.

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