No, Men Were Never Meant To Breastfeed

todaySeptember 29, 2016

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Veritas_Radio_Nertwork_Bumper_Sticker_for_email_displayMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“This is going to be one of these if you’re driving, pull over; if you’re standing, sit down.  “My Brother’s Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family.”  Let that sink in for just a moment.  “My Brother’s Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family.”  You heard that correct.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This story appears in the September 12, 2016 issue of TIME, meaning this is going to make it into print.  The digital edition was released in advance.  Again, what kind of community will the following – I want you to hear the headline – will the following help to bring about?  Are you ready?  This is going to be one of these if you’re driving, pull over; if you’re standing, sit down.  “My Brother’s Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family.”  Let that sink in for just a moment.  “My Brother’s Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family.”  You heard that correct.

Folks, you can’t – I can’t do this story justice without you going and viewing it and seeing the photographs, the disturbing – these are disturbing.  Disturbing photographs of what appears to be a 30-something-year-old, bearded, hairy-armed, hairy-legged male breastfeeding an infant.  Words cannot prepare you for this.  As a matter of fact, this chimera, this freak of nature that is being extolled on the pages of TIME Magazine is that creature that we were talking about last Friday with the National Institute of Health inventing it.  That is, taking an animal embryo, taking the nucleus out of it and putting a human nucleus into it to make what is known as a chimera.  The person in this article is a chimera, at best.

What ultimately this is, ladies and gentlemen – what did we start this program off with today?  Denial.  What this ultimately is is denial.  It is a complete and utter denial of the natural order.  It is a complete and utter denial of the creator, of God himself.  It is a complete and utter rejection that there is a natural order and that we should conform our minds to that reality.  Instead, there is only whatever order man can create.  It doesn’t matter what kind of perversion, what kind of monstrosity – you’ve got to go see these pictures.  I caution you.  I really don’t want you to see them.  Don’t go see the pictures.  Take my description as evidence enough.

Again, a 30-something – the photographs – there’s more than one.  There’s four of them.  The description is a 30-something-year-old male, apparently male, bearded male, hairy-armed, hairy-legged, buzz haircut, you name it.  By all outward appearances, it appears to be a 30-something-year-old man breastfeeding an infant child.  Who speaks for the child?  The story comes out of Taxachusetts, by the way.  I’m just wondering, you people who live in Taxachusetts, I don’t have any use for these entities, but I’m curious.  Is there a Department of Child Protective Services in Taxachusetts?  If so, why haven’t they been called to the scene of this monstrosity?  Folks, what can only be described as something you would see in a horror movie – in fact, being played to audiences I’d say in the 1950s or so, 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s as a motion picture would probably be as terrifying as anything Boris Karloff was in Frankenstein.  It is disturbing, it’s unsettling, yet it is presented as natural.  It is presented as: Look how cute!  No, it’s not cute.  Men breastfeeding babies is not cute.  Now you have to read the story to understand the gravity of this.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

I don’t want – I only read this for instructional purposes.  35,000 people read this story on the Mike Church Show Fan Page at Facebook.  There are over 65 comments, most people reacting with revulsion.  You get the three initial reactions.  I won’t fill the blanks in for you but “WTF?” is the most common one.  I would say in this instance that’s actually warranted.  Listen to the story.


When the call came, my brother was at work in the open office in Cambridge, Mass., he shares with seven colleagues who, like him, help run clinical trials for a drug developer. The phone number came up blocked, so he knew it must be the doctor. He stood up, unsteady on his feet. Was he a little nauseous? Or was that just adrenaline? He ducked into the hallway in search of quiet.

My brother Evan, 35, is a stocky guy of medium height with a trimmed, fuzzy blond beard and two gem studs in each earlobe. He usually wears a Red Sox hat, and when he’s nervous, he’ll remove it and obsessively bend the rim. But on that September afternoon, both of his hands were clutching his phone, the right one cupping the left for privacy. “Hello?”

“This is Dr. Kowalik,” said the voice. The identification was unnecessary. Ania Kowalik is a reproductive endocrinologist at a clinic called Fertility Solutions in Dedham, Mass. They’d spoken regularly for more than six months. Evan, who was born female, had wanted to be a parent since he was very young, [Mike: Stop saying “he.” It’s she. See, folks, you can get away with this because you can deny that there is such a thing as male and female, that there are sexes, and that the sexes are opposite and for good reason.] when he played with dolls just a bit longer than the other kids. He’d helped pay for college by nannying triplets. And when he first came out to friends as transgender at 19, changing his name and beginning his long physical transformation, he didn’t stop adding to the list of baby names in the back of his journal: Kaya, Eleanor, Huxley.

Evan knew he should feel excited. But instead, he felt a chill of anxiety and anticipation. He’d wanted this for so long, he later told me, and had been close to getting it. Then, four months earlier, he’d miscarried [Mike: What kind of monsters are you people in Massachusetts making?] after Kowalik told him she couldn’t find a heartbeat during his first ultrasound.

doma gay marriageShe was brief: Evan was pregnant. Kowalik told him he . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  Again, it’s not a him; it’s a she.  Men cannot get pregnant, end of story.  I know that there’s experimentations going on out there.  I know all about it.  Obviously, I have the story in my hand.  Folks, does it get any worse than this?  It’s not as though TIME Magazine is – one of my friends said: Yeah, but, dude, nobody reads TIME Magazine anymore.  I said: Look on the inside cover of TIME Magazine.  Look at the count of TIME Magazines that are sent out.  The distribution of TIME Magazine is over two million.

Here’s a trivia question, kiddies.  Where are you most likely to see a copy of TIME Magazine?  Where?  Doctor’s office, dentist’s office, right?  You’re most likely to see a copy where you would go and receive and there would be some form of a – maybe an attorney’s office as well, anywhere where there’s a waiting room.  Question: Are children going to be among those who are waiting that might thumb through a copy of TIME Magazine?  Don’t kid yourself that nobody reads these things anymore.  They’re the most popular magazines that you’ll find on any coffee table in any waiting room anywhere in American today.  What does that mean?  That means that people are going to see this story.  Here’s the question, though.  Do you think that they’re going to be as repulsed by it as most of you and I are?  Or will they read it and go: Aww, isn’t that precious?  No, it’s not precious.  It’s a monster.


Evan isn’t sure how long he stood in the hallway after the call. People from other offices brushed by him, caught up in their work. He called his partner, [Mike: Just adding to the unnatural nature of this, just adding to it. It’s a she. It has female parts.] and her gasp was loud enough that Evan held the phone away from his ear momentarily. He pulled up a calculator to figure out his due date.


I’d have no reason to tell you about this moment in my brother’s [Mike: It’s your sister. Again, this is the sister writing of her alleged brother, who is actually her sister. It’s only a shame that our listening audience today is down 20 percent from where we’d normally be during this hour. It’ll be up to the rest of you that are listening to spread the word.] life were it not for the fact of his gender. Now that gay marriage is legal, the social battleground has shifted to new frontiers . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  Remember, all we want is equality.  Remember?  [mocking] “All we want to do is be equal.  All we want to do is be treated equal.  We just want equality.”  No, it’s not.  You are now leading a revolution, or you’re trying to lead a revolution that has nothing short of human manipulation, manipulating the substance, the prime matter, the substance that makes up a human being, that makes you human and me human, with seemingly no remorse.  This is now a social revolution, breeding little monsters, breeding little mutants?  Folks, the X-Men are here, and they’re all homosexuals.

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Now that gay marriage is legal, the social battleground has shifted to new frontiers, frontiers that include the most private aspects of people’s lives. [Mike: How can something be a frontier for exploration if it is supposed to be a most private and intimate affair of my or your life? None of this makes sense.] Transgender Americans have gained greater visibility and acceptance as stars like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have trained a pop-culture spotlight on trans issues. [Mike: For those of you that say it doesn’t matter that violence and sex is glorified and celebrated and celebrities are made out of the violent and celebrities are made out of the sex-drenched and out of the publically-promiscuous, here is prima facie evidence that you’re el wrongo.  It does matter.] Corporate leaders across the Fortune 500 have moved to protect their transgender employees. And in May, the Obama Administration declared that all public schools must treat students equally regardless of their gender identity, classifying inner feelings of maleness and femaleness as protected by the government. We have come to the point where the President of the United States can candidly and comfortably discuss gender fluidity.

[end reading]

End Mike Church Show Transcript 

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