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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – At Mordor on the Potomac during a hearing on the tragedy in Libya, no on involved actually bothered examining WHY this attack took place at all.  Was it because of our drone strikes?  Because of our air cover? Boots on the ground? Assistance of the rebels? Etc, etc… None of the “conservatives” at the hearing even mentioned the Constitution, had it been adhered to, none of this would have happened because the President did not have the authority for any of his actions in Libya.  Check out today’s Founders TV for more on Libya and the hearing, if you don’t have a Founders Pass to view the entire show, sign up for one now!

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This show was fantastic!

I think we’ll quickly find that this action has also emboldened dictators old and yet to be, to forgo bargaining with the International community. Ghadafi ultimately relinquished nuclear arms for a US backed rebellion, followed by an Al Qaeda takeover.

What message is that sending to Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and beyond? When dealing with the US –anything goes.

It’s too bad we just didn’t ship surfboards to the rebellion instead.


“Ship surfboards” So they can “hang ten” over the North African coast! What this means is that if you want to AVOID the United States occupying your country then you MUST acquire nuclear capability.

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