North Colorado Secession Could Mean A 51st State Or A Monaco In Middle America

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Do you people actually have the unmitigated gall and audacity to defy your state overlords and to tell them to go pound sand, that your resources are your own, that your guns are your own, that your rights granted from God are your own and are not theirs to toy and monkey around with because they live in rotting cesspools of large cities and you don’t want to have anything to do with them, that you’d like to go your own separate ways?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Back to the NSA story.  As I said, I have other news today that I wanted to mix into the program with the secession news from Colorado.


Weld County’s bid to divorce Colorado and form its own state is a powerful rebuke of Front Range interests that no longer align with rural parts of the state, supporters of the idea say.

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Mike:  By the bye, I am a very big proponent of states that are too big, especially ones like New York and California and Texas, splitting and forming their own republics and states.  The intriguing thing to me is, why is it a foregone conclusion that if you are in this rural part of Colorado and you don’t want to be in collusion with your libtards counterparts in the southern and eastern part of Colorado like in Boulder and Denver, why would you want to be in cahoots with the rest of the libtardians that make up the rest of the United States, certainly the ones that make up the general government?  If you’re going to break, america-secede-or-die-t-shirtman, break.  Just go.  [mocking] “Yeah, but Mike, they’re landlocked.”  Landlocked, schmandlocked.  Can you imagine the political impact of any part of any state leaving or petitioning that state legislature: You need to let us go.  If you don’t, we’re going to stop remitting taxes to you.  Why political entities seek to keep other political entities as part of their sovereign geographical sphere is a question that only those that want to do the keeping can answer.  I would assume it’s usually because there’s some advantage, some benefit, some revenue, something that these people produce that they want.  Not so sure about this in Colorado…


“The people of rural Colorado are mad, and they have every right to be,” said U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, a Republican from Yuma. “The governor and his Democrat colleagues in the statehouse have assaulted our way of life, and I don’t blame these people one bit for feeling attacked and unrepresented by the leaders of our state.”

The plan to carve off the northeastern corner of the state — Weld, Morgan, Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips, Washington, Yuma and Kit Carson counties — and form the state of North Colorado was hatched at a Colorado Counties Inc. conference earlier this week, Weld County spokeswoman Jennifer Finch said.

Mike Church Show Transcript: Government Does Not “Create” Our Liberty

The commissioners, united by interests in oil and gas regulation, gun control, transportation and agriculture, agreed to discuss its feasibility and perhaps put the question to voters in their counties in November, Finch said…

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Logan County commissioners Dave Donaldson and Rocky Samber stopped short of endorsing the proposal, saying they’d have to wait for a citizen initiative for new statehood to come about. They were more surprised by the fact that the meeting became news so quickly.

But Samber said he’d support the initiative if Logan County locals got behind it.

“It’s our job as elected officials to always pursue options,” Samber said. “Talking to (Weld County) constituents I found this was a viable option. They were hit hard by the state’s oil decisions.”

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Sidebar_ad_Secede_die_baseball_capMike:  Can you just imagine this?  Here we are in 2013 and of all the unlikely suspects that would line up or you would think would become proponents of decentralizing their government so that they could make it more republican — bear in mind here, if the people of northern Colorado are to be held up as an example, let’s just say they are successful in getting this thing to a ballot.  Imagine what an exciting November this will be in Colorado, especially in the northern part.  Do you people actually have the unmitigated gall and audacity to defy your state overlords and to tell them to go pound sand, that your resources are your own, that your guns are your own, that your rights granted from God are your own and are not theirs to toy and monkey around with because they live in rotting cesspools of large cities and you don’t want to have anything to do with them, that you’d like to go your own separate ways?  Parting is such sweet sorrow, the bard wrote.  Indeed.

Do you people in these northern, rural climes in Colorado actually have the nads to pull this off?  If you do, why wouldn’t you then have the further political will, courageousness, bravery, I’d say foresight and say: Yeah, we’re going to take our time in applying for statehood, because if you don’t apply for statehood, would then Obamacare apply to you?  Would NSA surveillance, for example, apply to you?  If you found out they were surveilling on you, wouldn’t that be considered — you are a free and independent sovereign entity at that point and time, after all political connections between you and the State of Colorado is and ought to be totally dissolved, you’re your own little Monaco, your own Luxembourg, your own San Marino, your own little republic, answerable to no one, if even only for a short while.


But some see it as ploy to raise the long-term political capital of those involved in the proposed move. Or worse, it’s a bad joke.

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Mike:  I saw a lot of commentary on this on Twitter over the last three days but I saw none of it from northern Colorado, who seemed to be letting their local representatives do the talking.

Mike Church Show Transcript: The Lincoln Myth Is Strong


“It’s just going to be seen as a crackpot idea by a bunch of crackpot commissioners some of whom are term limited,” said Steve Mazurana, a longtime Greeley resident and former political science professor at the University of Northern Colorado. “Some will just call it Crackpottopia.”

Donaldson was assured, though, that Weld County weren’t kidding when they announced the proposal, even though it’d be a long shot that anything on the ballot would go through.

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article-v-pamphlet-adMike:  Do you remember back in, what was the name of the guy we had on the show, a guy proposing the northwestern part of Arizona, the Tucson area, wanted to secede from and leave the southeastern and southern part of Arizona and form their own republic?  The benefits to this if you do join our corrupt, nonfederal union is that you do get your own two United States senators.  You do get your own congressional district.  You can also, while you’re forming your new constitution, basically do an end-around around the 17th Amendment and reserve the right for your legislature to handle all the nominations for the primary spots before the runoff for various Senate seats, a proposal that has been advocated and promoted by the ReFounding Father Society, my group.  It was promoted in Tennessee by Senator Nicely.  It almost made it to the floor of the Texas Senate as well.  We proposed it in Louisiana but this was a fiscal session and they wouldn’t actually hear it.  We’ll bring it back up next year.  The possibilities here are endless and exciting, aren’t they?


“They are serious,” he said, adding that the same process has been used to form several U.S. states before. “They are frustrated and feel that they’ll either raise awareness or have some self-determination.” [Mike: Why shouldn’t you?]

The Weld commissioners cited a “collective mass” of issues that have isolated rural Colorado from the rest of the state in the past couple of years and put those residents at a disadvantage, according to the Greeley Tribune.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Revisionist History Wants You To Forget The Founding Fathers Were Loyal British Subjects Until Secession

The “straws that broke the camel’s back” included the signing of SB 252 on Wednesday, which increases renewable energy standards in rural areas in a way that rural energy companies say is too costly.

Commissioner Sean Conway told the Tribune oil and gas and agriculture in particular are being targeted, even though the revenue the county sees from those industries makes up 70 percent of the state’s budget. He said those dollars don’t return to northeastern Colorado, for road improvements for example.

A ballot question for Weld voters could be ready by Aug. 1, Conway told the Tribune.

“There are a lot of people mad out there,” Greeley Mayor and former State Sen. Tom Norton said. “You walk out onto the streets of Greeley and every third person says ‘What in the world are they (state lawmakers) thinking?’ ”

Gov. John Hickenlooper’s spokesman Eric Brown said “background checks on gun sales, increasing renewable energy and supporting responsible development of oil and gas are popular with rural and urban voters. Not everyone agrees, of course, but we keep trying.” [Mike: Apparently it’s a lot more than not everyone agreeing, Mr. Hickenlooper.]

Norton concedes a secession will be difficult to pull off. But at the least, they will get the attention of Denver and the Front Range. “It certainly gets the message out that people are angry.”

The notion could draw the backing of well-heeled conservative backers,” Steve Mazurna said. “The Koch brothers could come in along with some other wingnut groups.”

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Mike:  After all, if you’re talking about splitting your governments up because they no longer serve your interest, that’s just radical, kooky talk there.  Only nutbags and wingnuts and wackos talk about things like that.  You mean wingnuts, nutbags and wackos like Jefferson and Washington and Mason and Gerry and Franklin and Adams and Sherman and Livingston?  You mean nutbags like that?  You mean the same kind of lunatics that used to be residents of Massachusetts and are now residents of Maine?  You mean the same kind of lunatics that used to be residents of Virginia and are now residents of West Virginia?  Is that what you speak of?  We are so trained to think in terms of nationalism and in terms of large political entities as being the only ones that are practicable.  You are thought to have some kind of brain malady, some kind of an intelligence deficiency if you think like a Jefferson, like a republican, if you think in terms of scale and scaling down.

That’s what’s radical, the departure from scale, the departure from [r]epublicanism and the departure from governments which are the best and least ruling, the ones that are closest to the people and most intimately managed.  Don’t tell that to anyone out there because they’ll just say you’re a kook and dismiss you.  [mocking] “Why are you rocking the boat?  Everyone else is getting along.  We all know we’re stuck in this union for the rest of time and memoriam.  You need to shut up and pipe down.”  Kudos to those in Colorado that are promoting this idea.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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Secession sounds great but it never will happen. The Feds won’t allow a state or county to break free from its control because it can’t give up those precious tax dollars. While we think we have the ways and means to break from the union, we really do not because the federal government ultimately decides what we can and can’t do. Even if we could secede, what would keep the libtards from invading like the cancer they are? Great states like Texas, Colorado, and Arizona are quickly being taken over by them with no end in sight. We need to create a new continent so all those that value freedom and liberty and leave this union.

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