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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – It would not be difficult to find any information that you needed to construct a device as men in the military are taught to construct it, as you just described.  Before the investigation and the finger pointing begins, “It’s got to be ex-military guy; they would have known how to do this,” you don’t know that.  It would be just as easy for someone to consult military manuals, as I just said, and find out the methodology of how this is done and then go out and do it.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s go back to the phones.  Richard in Kentucky has been hanging on patiently.  Yes, Richard, you’re next on The Mike Church Show.  You are living proof the phone rings, I answer it, and we talk.  How are you?

Caller Richard:  Not bad.  How you doing today?

Mike:  All right, sir, thank you.

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Caller Richard:  When I was in the Army, before we went to Desert Storm, we were trained on — we were planning no going further north than what we did.  We were trained on how to make these types of IEDs basically.  The stuff you can make plastic explosives basically you have in your house.  I’m not going to give away any ingredients or anything like that.

Mike:  Please don’t.  Please, Richard, please don’t.

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signCaller Richard:  It’s not very difficult to do.  We were taught how to use, like this guy used, or this person, pressure cookers, limbs of cars, anything that had a deep well, stuff like that, just in case we outran our supply line and were unable to get stuff we needed.  There’s definitely a lot of people out there trained.  I hope none of our service members would do something like this, I hope and pray.  I hope everybody up there in Boston recovers okay.  I know it’s going to be very traumatic.  I did want to say that a lot of people are trained on how to do this.

Mike:  You’re trained on how to make a bomb in a Fry Daddy?

Caller Richard:  You use anything you have applicable.  The old saying in the military: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.  If you don’t have what you need, you make what you need.

Mike:  I got it.

Caller Richard:  Or you acquire what you need.  We would use — when we were training, we would use old rims off of five-ton Army dump trucks.  They’re deep.  You can pack a lot of explosives I them.  You can put a lot of shrapnel in them.  We would use anything we could find: wood, nails, chunks of metal.  Anything we needed, we would use.

Mike:  The thing that comes up when I think about this is that you’re on a radio show right now that’s broadcasting to millions of people.  Even though you didn’t give any details away, there are others like you who do give details away.  There are journals online that, even if they have transcribed or digitized former or older copies of Army Journal or whatever that might have some of the details of what you just spoke about — in other words, it would not be difficult to find any information that you needed to construct a device as men in the military are taught to construct it, as you just described.  Before the investigation and the finger pointing begins, [mocking] “It’s got to be ex-military guy; they would have known how to do this,” you don’t know that.  It would be just as easy for someone to consult military manuals, as I just said, and find out the methodology of how this is done and then go out and do it.

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Caller Richard:  Unfortunately in this day and age, the information is out there.  Information is good.  I’m not saying that information is good, but information to the people is good.  Unfortunately, not everybody uses it for good.  One other quick note, because I know you’re busy and you’ve got a lot of other callers —

Mike:  We’re not either.

Caller Richard:  On the background check bill, are they going to add crock pots to it now or pressure cookers?

Mike:  A crock pot, does it really hold any pressure inside?  I keep saying Fry Daddy only because it should not be —

Caller Richard:  You don’t need it to hold pressure.  The reason they call it — a lot of people think of a pressure cooker with a locking lid.  You’re not going to lock that lid.  You’re going to put something over it to hold the stuff in there.  By looking at what I’ve seen on the news and the pictures, this item, it wasn’t like an 8- or 10-quart crock pot.  It was maybe a 2- or 3-quart, depending on the size of the backpack.  I haven’t seen the backpack yet.  You’re not going to have it actually exposed if it’s inside a backpack.  You’re not going to be able to see it.  What you want is for it to direct the blast.  You’re not going to have the pressure cooker lid locked on to hold the pressure inside.  You’re going to have the lid off –

Mike:  I also heard — maybe you can tell me a little about — or read there are two types of this device.  One is an incendiary device which would be detonated, meaning there would have to be a detonation mechanism attached to it.  The other is a device that would just sit and be left percolating and when it reached critical mass, it would just self-detonate in some manner.

Caller Richard:  Right, like the kids with the 2-liter bottles.

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Mike:  That’s exactly right.  You put the dry ice in a 2-liter bottle of Coke or whatever.  You put a little bit of water in there, seal the lid, put it somewhere a good distance away and walk away.  That joker will explode.  So there are two types.

Caller Richard:  From what I’ve seen, these look more explosive.  They were detonated.  Usually with that type of device you won’t have, I don’t think you would see the fireball that you did.  It wasn’t like a mushroom cloud.  In that still photo, you can clearly see the fire.  Usually, like with the dry ice and Coke, you’re not going to have a fireball.

Mike:  I just used the dry ice and Coke to say you could put that down somewhere and walk away and it would explode.  It’s probably not going to hurt anyone.

Caller Richard:  There are people who have lost limbs from those 2-liter Coke bottles, arms and hands.  Then you’ve got the plastic becomes what people call shrap metal.  It explodes at a high velocity and there are fragments that do penetrate the skin and then have to be surgically removed.  If it hits you in the right spot, it can be deadly.

Mike:  I’ve only witnessed the spectacle one time and it was from a great distance.  That plastic would have had to fly an awful long time to get to me.  There were other imbeciles that were saying: It’s just a Coke bottle; it’s not gonna hurt ya.  That thing is going to explode, man.  What are you talking about it’s not going to hurt you?  I want to talk to Adrian in North Carolina.  Adrian, how are you?

Caller Adrian:  I’m good, Mike.  Thanks for taking my call.  Anybody who’s ever been to Afghanistan in the last ten years, the first thing that they’re taught when they go to what we call Counter-IED Training, when you first get in the country, is that pressure cookers are the number one thing that the enemy has used.  Normally they’ll pack it with whatever pieces of metal they can find, be it just pieces of shrapnel, pieces of mufflers or motorcycles.  It’s not something that a lot of military is unfamiliar with.  It’s something that they see — anybody who’s been on patrol, like I said, a couple times if they’ve been over there, they see it all the time.  Like the previous called said, they also use things like water bottles or whatever they can find.  Using the pressure cooker, what it does is it provides a cone and pushes that explosion out.  Like the first caller said, when they place the aluminum foil over the top, that’s the only thing they need to build that pressure to push it out.  When that shrapnel comes out, it’s coming out in a direction.  One of the things they’re probably looking at is if it was a blast that hit everyone around it or if it hit only in a certain direction coming out from that pressure cooker.

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Mike:  So did it make a crater?  If it made a crater, then it was a blast that went in all directions.  If it did not make a crater and just hurled damaging material in one direction, then it would have been the second variety that you were just talking about.

AG:  One of the news reports yesterday described the pressure cooker device as similar to a Claymore mine in that it’s very directional in terms of who it goes after and ends up hitting.  So it’s not that it causes a huge amount of physical damage to surrounding structures and that, but instead is more of a directional mine type of device.  That’s how they would compare it to something on a military grade level.

Mike:  Where’s Paul McCartney at?  Didn’t Paul McCartney lead the crusade to rid the world of mines?  I seem to recall that Sir Paul — let me search my memory bank here.  [mocking McCartney] “All we’ve got to do is rid the world of all these mines and incendiary devices that are out there.  The mines are awful things.”  There’s another thought that occurs to me about this, if indeed it was a mine, or similar to a Claymore mine or something of this sort, a war-making device.  You can kind of then see, unfortunately, all too up close and personal, especially for those that were there and those who treated those there and had never been to a war zone, you can kind of see some of the horrors of war, some of what it is that is used to execute war.  We revolt, we recoil in horror at this.  [mocking] “Oh, my God, that’s horrible!”  Yes, it is.  It is horrible.  That is exactly the point.  War is awful.  It is horrid, yet too many of us seem to think grab a flag, wave that joker and let’s get it on.  Steve is in DC next on The Mike Church Show on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel.

Caller Steve:  Thanks for having me on.  I want a little twist to it.  The bombing and this thing we keep talking about, it doesn’t really fit a lot of terrorist signatures in my mind.  How come they didn’t set it off when all the cameras were on?  When the first runners cross, there’s ticker tape, people screaming and yahooing.  There are two different things in my mind.  The timing was all wrong.  It just doesn’t fit.  Acts of terror are for terror, right?  I think this is a professional.  They had two sweeps for the dogs to go through for the bombs, at the beginning of the race and after the end of the race.  Somebody knew that the sweep was going to go on, then they set it up.  The second bomb, the small one, I don’t think hurt anybody really.  I think it was directed at a specific individual and is covered up as a terrorist attack.  I’m just thinking out of the box.  If I was investigating this thing, I’d do the backgrounds on all the people that were hurt real bad.  This easily could have covered something up.  They hurt somebody that needed to be hurt.  We’re talking like state-run terrorism, a state-run hit.  It’s not out of the realm of possibility.  We do it on a daily basis.  We drone people on a daily basis, specific individuals.  Why wouldn’t they do that here?

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Mike:  Wait a minute.  It’s illegal for anyone else to do that.  We’re the only ones that are allowed to drone and take people out in foreign countries while they’re running around the block.  No one else is allowed to do that.

Caller Steve:  It does put another twist to the whole thing, though.  If we’re doing it all day, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that someone else did it.  It might have been one person they were after and they did this to cover it up.  At the same time, it’s one of our enemies.  What does this do, like you were talking this morning?  This makes the United States government put bigger controls on Americans.  It makes more discord in the United States.  Libertarians like me, we don’t like it.  It makes us pissed off.

Mike:  Also, if you’re really going to get into that conspiratorial nature of it, then who’s to say that it’s not someone that is going to tremendously benefit by the expansion of the state and by some manner of handheld device that can be deployed at police stations and these kind of events all over the place that can purportedly detect an incendiary kind of device like that?  I’m saying, if you’re going to go conspiracy, go all out on it, Steve.  I, for one, don’t discount the theory of the professional hit.  That seems to me to be right there in the strike zone.  The fact that we do have substantial evidence or substantial admission that there were sweeps with bomb-sniffing dogs and that there was ample security — anyone that thinks there were not enough cops there, in some of those pictures before the race, it’s hard to tell whether or not this is a fraternal order of police event or a public event because there are so many police officers.  To imply there was not enough security there I just think is ridiculous.

As I read to you earlier this morning — and if you missed this earlier, get this On Demand.  There will be a transcript of this posted at, the same place you’ll find today’s T-shirt deal and Project ’76 and all our other great documentary work on the founding and founding era — the story I did about Saxby Chambliss, the senator from Georgia, saying: We’re not going to be able to allow these local yokel yahoos to put these events on anymore.  The federal government is going to have to muscle in here and take a larger role in security.  Shock of all shocks.  If I’m looking for a villain or a perp, who is it that is immediately trying to take and gain an advantage on this?  Of course, it seems to be already, the Feds.  We know that the people that do security in these little hamlets and bergs are not possibly capable, they do not have the brain power of those in our almighty magisterial government.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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