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Obama And His CIA Ride The Constitution To The Rubicon

Obama And His CIA Ride The Constitution To The Rubicon

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

In what promises to be one of the most contentious and debated issues of our time, President Obama ordered the CIAs assassination of U.S. Citizen Anwar Al Awlaki. That Mr. Awlaki left the U.S. for the safety of Yemen from which to conduct his jihadist ministry is not in question. That the U.S. Constitution confers some very expansive, lethal powers on the President is not in question. Here is what IS in question: how broad should those powers be and do the rights of citizenship extend even to bad actors? There is also the question of the governments story not standing up to scrutiny, perhaps that is the way they planned it?

According to wire reports our CIA had been surveillaing Awlaki in Yemen for two weeks, looking for an opportunity to kill him without collateral damage. Note that the story does not give any indication that apprehending Awlaki was on the table despite successful efforts to do so in the past, as in the capture of KSM. When White House propaganda minister Jay Carney was asked by ABCs Jake Tapper to provide evidence for the necessity of the kill shot, Carney played coy, insisting that he was not going to provide any information other than Obamas claim that Awlaki had participated in every crime since Bonnie & Clyde. When pressed again for facts and actual charges of terrorism by Tapper do you plan on bringing before the public any proof of these charges do you plan to presentto the American peopleany evidence?, Carney responded again I dont have anything for you on that.

Wow! That official Washington refuses to substantiate the charges that call for executions of those still claiming American citizenship is frightening enough, that so many fellow citizens are not alarmed by this is downright terrifying. As Constitutional scholar Bruce Fein has noted the Awlaki precedent will lie around like a loaded weapon ready for use against any American anywhere in the world. This means our emperors we have reached the Rubicon. If we do not force them to retreat then we will have earned Romes fate and earned it well.

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