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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Obama Doubles Down on Commercializing bin Laden Anniversary With Prime Time End Zone Dance

Not content to have Bill Clinton cut 3 minute long advermercials for the bin Laden touchdown dance, our Dear Leader parachutes into Baghram, Afghanistan to boast of his kill in prime-time

Fox News poll shows nearly EIGHTY PER CENT of American sheople approve of getting out of Afghanistan now… is Governor Romney listening?

VIDEO: OMSNBC asks smelly Occupier where he has been this winter, only to discover he was resting ” ’cause anarchy is hard….man….”

The Stinkies stage a “Black Bloc Day” protest that goes predictably violent when the Stinkies try and snatch or smash reporters cameras

Coincidence? The DAY I interview upstart candidate for U.S. Senate in TX Glenn Addison, the NRO decides to endorse his opponent Ted Cruz….hmmmmmm

Romney shares pizza with NYFD Firefighters & Rudy Giuliani and wonders why Obama is doing the bin Laden touchdown dance… again

Five “anarchists” arrested in plot to blow up Ohio bridge, in their mug shots they look almost identical to those stinky Occupy punks but wait, I don’t see that mentioned at MSNBC or CNN. Where’s Al-I know a killah when I see one-Sharpton!?

Octomom is broke, bankrupt, single and still raising 8 kids with no dad other than Uncle Sucker… surprised? What did she THINK was going to happen?

Score one for federalism AND religious freedom: Vanderbilt University is ordered by TN Legislature to stop persecuting Christian students

While Sheperd Smith does back handsprings across the studio field of dreams that is the DOW avg (it hit a 4 year high today!) the REAL news is that our debt to GDP has now eclipsed 100% and is at 105% as of today  “We identify 26 episodes of public debt overhang–where debt to GDP ratios exceed 90% of GDP–since 1800. We find that in 23 of these 26 episodes, individual countries experienced lower growth than the average of other years. Across all 26 episodes, growth is lower by an average of 1.2%.”

Sanders: Home ownership is headed back to where it was before Clinto began tinkering with it and Bush pulled out the monkey wrench-Translation? Your home is where you LIVE not an ATM machine that poops cash gains for new vacation homes every 8 years

Last Train to Brokesville: Illinois plans to sell $1.8 BILLION in bonds to finance their pension obligations as borrowing costs (yields) rise 22%- The end is indeed near but suckers line up to buy…alas

AmConMag: In rethinking conservatives options for the Ryan Budget the writers MISS the fatal flaw which is that NONE of today’s “saved by Ryan” welfare state is funded by tax revenues so if the States assume the programs, unless there is outright enslavement, the welfare state disappears for lack of funding

Larison: Rubio’s “centrism” on foreign policy is the same as McCain’s “centrism” and still holds that the U.S. cannot survive unless freedom survives…EVERYWHERE

Doctor: ObamaCare does NOT fix or do anything to “advance” the sad state of “women’s healthcare”

Who didn’t see THIS ONE coming: WaPo says it is time to provide universal college for every American

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