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Obama to NC Amendment 1 Voters: Screw Off, There’s an Eric Holder Lawsuit Headed Your Way

todayMay 10, 2012 2

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Why did he do it? Obama, in sham “surprise statement” tells Robin Roberts he approves of gay marriage, so will he order Holder to sue NC or just open his own Elvis style wedding chapel at the White House with C-Lo Green singing Mendelsohn’s Wedding March?

Michelle Bachmann finally does something actually conservative-claiming citizenship in a [r]republic called Switzerland, Here is hysterical “Tea Party” reaction that she has violated her oath to the Constitution

Ann Coulter: Libtard  and fake Cherokee Elizabeth Warren “Dances With Lies” – Meanwhile Dances With Lies says it doesn’t matter what the truth is because Scott Brown is a lifetime hack in Washington (but he’s only been there a year)

DeceptiCONS begin to verbally acknowledge their uneasiness at being surrounded by Ron Paul fans at the RNC in Tampa

Romney lets it be known that he is a true believer in traditional marriage unlike the recently self exposed President Obama

The USPO announces the alarm over closing 3700 offices is over and they will continue to burn taxpayer money for no good reason other than it beats counting it

Pink Paper with laced frills trail: Obama’s past statements on “gay marriage”

The MA House repeals its own bill that outlawed bake sales calling it the most stupid thing they have ever gotten caught doing

The English start begging the Scottish to go ahead and secede already an never come back into England again

Today’s guest Daniel McCarthy: The NC gay marriage ban will not last and neither will conservative opposition to it unless world-view & culture change

Amending fundamental law to ban gay marriage when Americans have already created a culture that insists on equality — in all things but wealth — only turns constitutions into op-ed pages.

AmConMag: Realists leave the GOP for.. the DUMBOCRATS? Well, where else is a realist, non-interventionist, liberty defender supposed to hang out, with Ralph Nader?

Rand Paul: Reports of the Tea Party’s demise have been greatly exaggerated


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