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Obama/Biden 2012, Not Just for Chain Gangs Anymore

todayAugust 15, 2012 2

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Video: Biden says Romney will “put y’all back in chains”, Andrea Saul responds using multi-syllable words and no hysterics, I wonder where Ann Coulter is to say “Saul snatched defeat from the jaws of slavery”

Calling Al Sharpton: George Zimmerman is now out of money and his attorneys are ready to walk, will you come do a fundraiser for him now Rev Al?

From the Ann Coulter School for gung-ho candidates: There is a difference between not being “politically correct” and being politically honest, maybe Andrea Saul can help Joe the Plumber learn the difference

Disappointed or motivated? Fox News breaks the news I have been preaching that Obama and Ryan’s “budgets” are not that different AND that Ryan’s does NOT cut spending

The Chicago Way: Romney tells Obama to try his thug tactics somewhere else. Is this the NEW Mitt and is this what Dear Leader wants Romney to do (smells like Axelrod to me)

Brizer reviews Woods book: Has Hayek been forgotten to make way for our LEAPS into Socialism (I think we’re actually there, just in denial)

HuufPo: Six things to consider when dissecting the Paul Ryan foreign policy arsenal (or hopefully lack thereof)

Get on the “Undocubus” No ID, no job, no problem for the “take my word for it” illegal alien crowd – Nashville is the next stop n the UnDocuBus

Paul Ryan used to carry around copies of Atlas Shrugged–  Ryan is describing [r]epublicanism not Subsidiarity

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Talan Pomeroy

Hey Mike, can you include a link to the essay “Making Men out of Boys” that you referred to on today’s show? I checked through the links above and did not see it there, but perhaps I missed it.

Thank you


I believe he said it was an actual print article and he wasn’t aware of a digital version. Sad, because I’d like to give it a read too.

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