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ObamaBotZombies They Live! and Roam the Charlotte Countryside in Search of Paychecks to Seize, Oil Wells to Cap & Car Companies to Nationalize

todaySeptember 4, 2012

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Last Train to Brokesville: National debt to hit $16 trillion when the Dumbocrats gavel their convention open tomorrow, how fitting!

14 year old pens new book on the Constitution and understands the document more clearly than most adults

Karl Rove suggests it is ok if Todd Akin, Senate Candidate & Republican in MO, is murdered, Rove , the Dark Lord continues his empire building inside the GOP

WaPo has 8 questions for the Obama coronation this week and not one of them has to do with the debt, the deficit or the Constitution

Hoover Dam is the worst publics works project in the history of Earth and tens of millions will be forced to emigrate away from the Southwest as a result

GOP to stage attacks against Obama at poorly chosen venue for the DNC, Charlotte NC

Let’s see what urchins Stephanie Cutter & Co have dredged up from former Bain employees

Told you so: Obama seizes anti-war sentiment as a line of attack against Romney

More tales of subterfuge from the Good Ol Party and the RNC toward Ron Paul delegates

Founding Mother of Gal Queda – Naomi Wolf – wonders why her plumbing isn’t the subject of course study for 17 year olds

Steyn: We are the only nation on earth that doesn’t enjoy its drinking and doesn’t commit its own racism even when accused of doing so

WSJ: There is a danger that the entitlement state CAN & WILL last a lot longer that people think regardless of who runs Congress or the White House

VIDEO: New RNC ad shows Obama saying the exact same things today the sheople gobbled up in 2008

ObamaBotZombies still LIVE and roam the countryside in search of  paychecks to seize, oil rigs to cap and car companies to nationalize

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Written by: TheKingDude

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