The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

The fever pitch reached in elevating SCOTUS CJ Roberts to deity is a sign of the desperation of the Right & Left as evidenced by these ridiculous headlines: The Compromise of 2012 (as if your health is a territory Congress needs to make rules for)

The WSJ Editors get it right: substituting one tyranny for another, a tyranny written by a JURIST & not a legislator is frightening and makes the future MORE scary not less

Andy McCarthy: If this is justice then it is for crooks and fraud – The General welfare clause is exactly that: an excuse to tax for welfare. Thanks Roberts!

“Conservatives” can look for all the silver linings they like but the fact remains that the biggest betrayals of the past 50 years have ALL come from Republican appointees to the court-maybe there is another path to freedom?

Steyn: For the low price of $15 trillion John Roberts will allow you and your kids to vault through these flaming hoops of fire, bound and gagged and unlikely to fit through the first deadly ring

Stockton CA is on the LAst Train to Brokesville-OFFICIALLY

DeceptiCONNED: More “conservatives” jump aboard the John Roberts – right win judicial activism- train to Hades

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