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Of Whiskey, Carriages, and Pine Tree Rebellions

todaySeptember 19, 2011 1

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    Of Whiskey, Carriages, and Pine Tree Rebellions TheKingDude

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    Of Whiskey, Carriages, and Pine Tree Rebellions TheKingDude

Of Whiskey, Carriages, and Pine Tree Rebellions

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks, its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

In 1791, citizens in Western PA and Upstate NY banded together to protest the new federal tax levied on their whiskey, this became known as The Whiskey Rebellion. The men who rebelled were demanding that the new Federal Leviathan relax its power to tax their whisky. In one case the rebellion turned violent when a regional tax collectors home and farm buildings were burned and a federal marshall was attacked. The rebellion was loud enough to attract George Washington and Lighthorse Harry Lee, to rally a militia of 13,000 men. Ultimately the rebellion disbanded as the duties were lowered and the threat of imprisonment became real.

There were a few other disagreements over taxation and how it applied to the states and the people but as the power of the federal government grew it began to include land. In the last century this power became nearly absolute with agencies claiming ownership of vast swaths of land and federal judges backing them up every step of the way. Fast forward to today and we see federal agencies threatening to arrest people – not for inciting rebellions – or committing treasons – but for moving to protect their own lands and properties from the threat of forest fires in New Mexico.

In what has become known as the Chainsaw rebellion the local sheriff of Otero County, Benny House, informed federal agents that any attempt to arrest citizens for cutting trees down would result in their arrests. House was assisted by Congressman Steve Pearce who fired a chainsaw up and felled the first federal tree himself. This is what we should see at vegetable stands and organic food markets across the amber waves of fuel, citizens and local law enforcement standing up to their Federal Overlords and taking their country back one tree at a time.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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