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Operation Insolvency: CA Counties Begin Stealing Private Property To Pay Their Bills

todaySeptember 11, 2012 4 1

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If you still do not believe that this massive deficit spending combined with nerver-ending printing of currency without basis is all just Ron Paul mumbo jumbo, here are the graphical explanations for what inflation has cost YOU in just 10 years

Brad Birzer: There was a little time to repair our culture after WWII, a shorter window after Vietnam and now, has the window closed? Calling all Christian Gentlemen, reclaim your virtuous roles and LEAD

OPERATION INSOLVENCY: CA counties, so strapped for cash, are now using eminent domain to seize properties they can sell to benefit cash strapped home owners

The Leviathan hits the deficit turkey with 3rd straight year in Trillion $$$ sinkhole

The Bailout Makeover Fantasy the Bravo Network wishes it could make: GM

VIDEO – Rand Paul: Maybe we should stop our “we need to bomb everybody” foreign policy?

Larison: Rand is onto something with the foreign policy claims

In defending the outrageous subsidy required to build the electric boondoggle known as “The Volt, GM admits it makes the cars Washington politicians tell it to make

Those Ayn Randian supporters (led by Rand herself) sure sound like neoCONS to me

Are the Icecaps melting at alarming rates as the Nature Nazis claim or is there nothing to the hype? Well, if you think that an increase in melt of 0.0006% is alarming then move 600 miles north

Why would you look for conservatism in Newsweek or Vanity Fair!? Maybe try AmConMag, Chronicles or a daily dose of The Imaginative Conservative (or a listen to the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM)

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The Birzer article is outstanding. The man is brilliant and eloquent

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