Orthodox Islam Strikes In ‘Muricah & The Muslim Apologetics Have Begun

todayJune 12, 2016

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Mandeville, LA – Via Rod Dreher

“These details are why I caution about a rush to judgment. Mateen was a Muslim, but as with many of these radicalized young men, he might well have seized a radical version of Islam to justify and to express violence and hatred he had within him. We just don’t know for sure yet.”

Wrong, Rod. There is NO “radical Islam”, there is, as my friend and frequent The Veritas Radio Network’s Crusade Channel contributor Andrew Bieszad have promoted on-air, til blue in the face, ORTHODOX and non-practicing Orthodox Muslims. Period. Because those killed in Orlando were not known to Omar Mateen as Orthodox Muslims, they were the equivalent of Boston terriers. Prominent writers like Dreher need to stop the Muslim apologetics, perform some #Catholic apologetics, and work non-stop on Conversions. There is a Un-holy War being waged on The Church and Her people, grab a rosary Brothers and Sisters, and get in the game.

For more Andrew Bieszad & Mike Church discussion on this most-important topic, CLICK HERE:

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