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Our American Spyfare State Begin 1890 Not 1990

Order your, "America Secede or Die" embroidered baseball cap today!
Order your, “America Secede or Die” embroidered baseball cap today!

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the history of the Spyfare State plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “During the U.S. conquest of the Philippines, Mark Twain wrote an imagined history of twentieth-century America.  In it, he predicted that a “lust for conquest” had already destroyed “the Great [American] Republic,” because  “trampling upon the helpless abroad had taught her, by a natural process, to endure with apathy the like at home.” – Alfred W McCoy – The Surveillance State began in 1890

That’s a joke right!? City of Nashville to use $7 Million in DISASTER AID to spruce up its riverfront sidewalks for tourists

Big Sister is gone now let’s dismantle that hell forsaken agency she ran as her personal security firm the DHS and with it, the idea can breathe that “terrorism” never was and isn’t the threat the DeceptiCONS and their “exceptionalist” boosters made it out to be

If the GOP loses its THIRD CONSECUTIVE Presidential election, will it then tell Kristol, Ayotte, Boehner & McCAin that they are tugging the wrong way on the philosophical rope or will “demographics” get the blame, nothing will change and then demographics will INSURE a 4th defeat (if they last that long)

The Love that dare not speak its name-Secession-is still on the hearts and minds of northern Coloradansn who want to form the 51st state (or if they take my advice, the first of many land-locked republics in North America

Project _76_Logo_IconListen to the Preview of “Militias Are Good & They’re Good For You Too” your front row seat to the events that led to the need for and passage of the Second Amendment as they’ve NEVER been told before! Want More Project ’76 Webisodes? Take the Founders Pass Video Tour

Patrick Henry “My great objection to this government is, that it does not leave us the means of defending our rights, or of waging war against tyrants. It is urged by some gentlemen, that this new plan will bring us an acquisition of strength — an army, and the militia of the states.” Henry continued “This is an idea extremely ridiculous: gentlemen cannot possibly be serious!

Cover_Carriage_Tax_Argument_THUMBDr. Ben Carson makes a case against graduated and tailored tax systems that John Taylor (See/hear his argument against the Carriage Tax) of Caroline would be proud of. “Furthermore, if everyone is included in the tax base, it forces the government to be more frugal with the taxpayers’ money. Officials must answer to everyone, especially when they propose tax hikes.”

Even broken clocks are right twice a day and lo and behold the GOP Congress can be too! GOP votes to delay both “mandates’ from the ACA as Obama’s most reliable backers, unions, beg for ObamaCare mercy

The Making of the U.S. Surveillance State. From 1898’s “Subjugation of the Philippines” to today’s mega surveillance state, how did this happen? It all began with the first quest for empire abroad.Old Fast & Furious refuses to let Al Sharpton down, trolling for tidbits of dirt on George Zimmerman to file a “civil rights” suit against him. Imagine a government that is supposed to guard your liberties, doing everything it can to usurp them for racial vendettas. And we’re supposed to oppose “apartheid!?”

Where’s AlGore!? Polar bear populations are now DOUBLE what they were when Gore predicted they would only be seen in Coca Cola commercials in just 10 years

“No expectation of privacy on public roads and parking places” Cop bellows as the Surveillance State now catalogues and tracks you using cameras and license plate recognition software

FIGHT THE POWER: Obama’s U.N. ambassador nominee, Samantha Power, gets weak knees, stumps for “exceptionalism” and recants ever saying our foreign policy is out of control 

Cue up the Mike Post/Pete Carpenter “Dynasty” theme because here comes Lynne Cheney for U.S. Senate in Wyoming! We cannot watch one of America’s most belligerent royals go down into political irrelevance now can we!?

DeceptiCONNED: The GOP begins to get weak kneed on the NSA & funding never ending weapons purchases, overseas meddling and the drain of the Spyfare State

Put that fire out! Pour some watered down kerosene on it!  Senators debate the finer points of our corrupt, inflationary, destructive, nationalized student loan system and its “interest rates”. Q: Why should students have to pay “respect” money on $$ they borrow when banks do the same thing, loan the money out and then MAKE $$?

Up in smoke: The second drone crash in a week is reported outside Tyndall AFB in FL. Countdown to conspiracy theorists (5,4,3,2,1…) claiming this is a test run for self detonation attacks, waged by drones, to be used by Russian troops on Patriot groups

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