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Our Emperors Have No Clothes (Or Money)

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Our Emperors Have No Clothes (or Money)
©2012 Mike Church

Here is shocking headline number 1 “Louisiana faces cuts in its $7 BILLION Medicaid program”. Here is shocking headline number 2 “This will have a devastating effect on the people served”.
That second headline is a real humdinger of an oxymoron because the “people served” by the government of Louisiana are the people that pay taxes to live here, that’s why we have a government.

Jan Moller is the Director of the LA Budget Project and the author of the “people served” quote also warned that “it’s going to reduce access to services.” Correction Ms Moller, it may reduce your access into my wallet to PAY for said services but those services will most certainly be available to Medicaid patients who are willing to pay for them. This all comes on the heels of Governor Bobby Jindal announcing that the Feds are cutting off $651 million in payments to LA.

Seeing as how the Feds just finished June $604 BILLION in the hole for 2012, that seems reasonable but then again, the federal Leviathan could only operate for 95 minutes2 for what it just shaved off of the WhoDat States Medicaid funds.

Ms Moller, who I am certain is well meaning, should take her Medicaid funding question door to door and ask citizens if she can count on their support for LA Medicaid which will cost $38151 per person, under current “benefits”. Think about that. What family of five, living in this state is willing to part with $19,075 PER YEAR to keep funding “free healthcare” for the “less fortunate?” The $19 large will be in addition to what you’ll still owe for education, transportation and every other function the state government now manages.

If this state is to provide health care to its “poor” citizens then it should take over all the programs, tally them up and present them to the voters for approval, every year. Otherwise, this amounts to medication without representation. I think we had a Revolution over something that sounded like that once before.

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Written by: ClintStroman

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