The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ
The RAREST of Rare, 76 copies of the TENTH printing of SPirit of '76, available NOW
The RAREST of Rare, 76 copies of the TENTH printing of SPirit of ’76, available NOW

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of Libertarian news stories claiming a Libertarian surge is here plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Panichas feels compelled to register his objections to the “enemies of the Permanent Things,” but this vigilance is driven by a positive philosophy of faith and hope. As Panichas notes in “Testimonies of Gratitude,” “we often forget that affirmations have presence every bit as powerful and urgent as negations; that to fail to give witness to the spirit of affirmation signifies that the grip which negations have on us leads to an affliction from which there is no recovery” – From a review of George Panichas’ “Restoring the Meaning of Conservatism”

To videotape every last movement in the United States or not to videotape every last movement, that is the question – and the answer should be not not but he** NO! “Supporters may ask: What’s the harm? One drawback is that taxpayers are not composed of cash. Buying a camera costs money; so does maintaining it and monitoring the images it generates. A dollar spent on surveillance video is a dollar that can’t be spent on foot patrols, police training, DNA tests or streetlights.”

Steyn: 20% of ALL imigrants in the known universe are IN the United States, do you think we may have a problem with that!?

Picking the berries Americans won’t pick: the strawberry growers of the West find the same problem the asparagus growers found, American citizens do not want to do manual labor even if it means fresh fruit & veggies for them & their children

ObamaBots at the NY Times turn on Dear Leader and demand action on Syria because “we are not looking at another Iraq”

TIC: WHAT is the meaning of conservatism and how can we possibly restore it? George Panichas has some answers and they are characteristically spot on and provocative e.g’ “We need to begin with the spiritual premises before we can even begin to deal with, or hope to alter, the political framework of life”

Man, I hate being right all the time: Just as predicted, the ObamaCare Law is becoming a liability for all who support it EXCEPT the big businesses who will pocket billions yet the anger is still directed Obama’s way

Governor Gardosil does have his moments, like when he says President Obama was wrong to go to Mexico and boast of his gun grabbing efforts in the United States… then again, what was Obama supposed to say “I am proud that the weapons used to kill MExicans are manufactured in m country”!?

VIDEO: The War Party trots out a Congress man to stump for arming our new buddies in Syria while enforcing a no-fly zone over yet another sovereign state we are not at war with, do these people EVER stop dreaming of fixing the problems of the rest of the universe while n failing to even address our problem of debt and deficits?

Where the Jobs Aren’t – The Unemployment picture allegedly “brightens” but a look deep inside the numbers shows a continuing picture of depression– Dow roars past 15,000 as “the market” yells “smaller workforce…smaller workforce!”

Conceited much? Daily Beast editor demands that the unwashed stop Tweeting about their federal and media overlords in unkind ways

Californians are on the hook for 80,000 per household in DEBT but don’t worry, Governor Moonbeam has confiscated guns, raised taxes and grown the number of teet sucklers, what could possibly go wrong!?

At least one writer is not afraid to announce and actually practice his faith: huzzahs to Daniel Larison

Finally! Someone other than me tackles the ridiculous use of the term “Isolationist”

Meet conspiracy theologist Al%* Jo*#@, I would list his name but then I may be identified as being in on the conspiracy


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