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Paul Ryan Gives Romney The Look of Being Serious About Being Serious

My thoughts on the Paul Ryan VP pick by Governor Romney as I relayed them to Kevin Gutzman.

“I agree this is a positive move and spares me the agony of having to deal with supporters of war monger Rubio. Ryan is only serious inasmuch as saving baseline budgeting from its well deserved demise but I agree he is a very serious man and I believe him to be well tempered and thoughtful. All things considered, Romney is showing that he either wants to deal with this issue head on or he wants the Steve Hayes/Weekly Standard’s of the worlds unqualified endorsement. I don’t think Ryan make the ticket or Mitt more conservative, but it does show the Governor is serious about being serious.”

Facebook comments have been steady and largely dismissive of Ryan.

Kevin Gutzman “His budget proposals amount to marginal improvements upon our current situation. Marginal is better than nothing. Our choice is between marginal and nothing. I think that Ryan was the least-bad option that Romney was considering. Since the days of Fritz Mondale, vice presidents have far more responsibility/power than the Constitution allots them. He [Romney]  should also abolish the office of first lady and return to the pre-Wilson tradition of delivering state of the union addresses only in writing.

I respond “There is NO WAY Romney is going to forego the ratings and programming bonanza for Hannity & Co that the SOTU televised is going to be. After Coulter and company expended 60,000,000,000 BTU’s defending Ann Romney and her horses there is no way FLOTUS is going the way of the dodo either, Coulter & Malkin will probably audition to be FLOTUS press secretary.”

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