Paul Ryan's "Free Market" Health Care Reform Has UnConstitutional Mandate Too – Mike Church Show Exclusive Audio & Transcript

todayApril 2, 2012

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  So I played Rand Paul — by the way, you can download Hillarys Healthcare at if you are 24/7 Backstage Pass, or soon to be Founders Pass, member.  So I played Rand Paul to illustrate again, or to just get another voice in on this, that the conscription of a doctor in the service of having to provide something is as unconstitutional as the individual mandate is.  If Rand is correct, and he is, and you cant compel the doctor to perform the service, then why the hell can you compel the insurance companies to provide it?  The answer to that would be that you cant. 

All this repeal and replace crap, its just one form of corporatism infused with socialism replaced with another that sounds more market-oriented.  [mocking] Were gonna have market-oriented solutions.  Well have market this and market that.  Its not market-oriented if the Republican Party is writing bills directing resources where they think they ought to go.  That is not market-oriented.  Thats central economic planning, ladies and gentlemen.  Thats exactly what it is.  [mocking] Come on, Mike, give him a break.  Why?  You dont want me to give the dumbocrats a break; why should I give the stupid party a break?

If youre wondering what Im talking to, well play the audio with Congressman Paul Ryan stumping and hacking for the Republican repeal and replace plan, if the SCOTUS smacks down ObamaCare later on in June.  One more time on the Paul Ryan audio, were having a hard time cueing this up because its one of these silly media files.  From ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos:

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    Paul Ryan's "Free Market" Health Care Reform Has UnConstitutional Mandate Too – Mike Church Show Exclusive Audio & Transcript TheKingDude

Stephanopoulos: . . . part of replace and repeal.  What will that be?

Congressman Paul Ryan: Several of us have actually offered replacement legislation.  It will be a decentralized, market-based system thats patient-centered, where everybody has access to affordable health insurance, including people with preexisting conditions, and we can do it in a way that doesnt involve a costly government takeover.  We can do it in a way that doesnt involve the government effectively taking over and running the healthcare industry.  If you look at the Affordable Care Act, since it passed, healthcare costs have gone up.  If you look at the CBO, the cost of this law has doubled since it passed.  If the Supreme Court would interpret that this is constitutional, that the government can make you buy something, then there really is no limit to what the government can do in our lives.  Clearly, that is not what the founders intended when they wrote the Constitution.

[end audio clip]

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio & Transcript– Paul Ryan was on "This Week" touting his version of central economicplanning: repeal and replace. Despite having the term "free market" init, it still has an UnConstitutional mandate: forcing insurancecompanies to provide coverage for people who they otherwise wouldn’t,those with pre-existing conditions. So, it’s not okay to forceindividuals to purchase an insurance plan, but it IS okay to forcecompanies to cover people? Well, I guess that makes sense then… youcan go about your business… move along…

Mike:  Stop the file.  So the founders didnt intend this and blah, blah, blah.  While I agree with him thats not what the founders intended, but the founders intended Congress to order companies to do their bidding?  Mr. Ryan, do I have that right?  Is that correct?  Im confused by all this.  Oh, but he put the word free market in his centrally-planned economy. 

Last week we found out that thanks to the SCOTUS, thats the Supreme Court of the United States, ObamaCares individual mandate is unconstitutional.  We had this from learned scholars and learned lawyers and constitutional experts and what have you, that its unconstitutional.  Weve also learned, in the intervening 72 hours or so, that that individual mandate compelling individuals to buy insurance is unconstitutional, but the same Congress, if its controlled by members of the Republican Party, can cram down the throats of every insurance provider in the land, an individual mandate to force them to buy coverage for people that their actual tables tell them should not be covered.  That would be those with preexisting conditions.

So on the one hand, an individual mandate is the worst thing that ever happened.  Its socialist and communist and what have you.  On the other hand, when Republicans propose it by saying were going to eliminate preexisting conditions, thereby theyre compelling insurers to buy services for people that they would not otherwise cover.  That mandate is okay.  You have to cover everybody.  Thats a mandate thats constitutional.  If you dont have to buy it, thats a mandate thats unconstitutional.  Is any of this making sense?  You want to know why the bipolar, bifurcated conservative movement is in the sorry state of affairs that its in?  Thats one of the reasons why.
End Mike Church Show Transcript

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