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Payback: How #FakeNews Mobs Gave Nick Sandmann A $250 Million Dollar Smile – The Mike Church Show

todayFebruary 20, 2019 4

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HEADLINE: BREAKING: Nick Sandmann files $250 million lawsuit against Washington Post by Claire Chretien

  • So this appears to be the first of MANY lawsuits.
  • Let’s also remember it is much easier to prove defamation of character with a minor.
  • Start calling the Left the Anti-Christ. They certainly don’t like it. They don’t like to be outed as not believing in Christ.
  • So the reason they chose $250 million is b/c that is how much Jeff Bezos paid for the WaPo.
  • $250 million is just a good start.
  • You really want to anger the Libs, you’d say this is the 1st white effort at longterm reparations.
  • Now reparations can have more than ONE meaning before I get hate mail that I’m a racist.
  • Did you know the song Phillips was beating his drum to was a WAR SONG?
  • You don’t sing a WAR SONG in an attempt to diffuse a tense situation.
  • That is quite counterproductive.
  • AFTER they decided to do a little background check on this Phillips guy, they found out he was NOT a Vet, he also attempted to bust into the Basilica to disrupt a Mass.
  • He knew what he was doing. He was actively seeking out Catholics.
  • Where is the lawsuit against Nathan Phillips? Ohh it is coming, mark my words.
  • From The Mike Church Chatroom: “Most people forget because we are scrubbing history about racism from our collective memories allows us to forget the three pillars of the KKK Anti-Black (Negro), Anti-Semite, Anti-Catholic… the white hoods were just as likely to attack a Catholic as a Black.”
  • Just Wars – this falls in the category of “Collateral Damage”!
  • America’s Chickens have come home to roost. Remember that?!

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Pet Shop Boys – Social Media


HEADLINE: When Did Social Media Become a Prison? by Rachel Lu

  • Thanks to virtual networking, we now live in a world in which frenzied activists dominate our civic discourse. No public figure can speak a word without risking retaliation from Twitter mobs, which can be ginned up at any hour of day or night. 
  • It used to be that your average American read his newspaper over breakfast and then got on with his day.

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BACK to HEADLINE: When Did Social Media Become a Prison? by Rachel Lu

  • I have to be judicious with my skills.
  • I’m always measuring what I do with my vocation.
  • Fighting with strangers on social media is what American Adults seem to do best.
  • The Road to Perdition
  • What is the Answer?
  • Most of us find that our verbal inhibitions are lower when we’re talking to people in little virtual bubbles and not face to face. Words can wound too, and that’s happening a lot nowadays. We need to develop more discipline in this regard if we want social media to become more bearable.
  • Humans are very adaptable though. Since literally billions of people seem to want this form of socializing to work, there’s reason to hope that we can find a way.
  • That conclusion is based on the premise you have to use social media. We don’t have to use it.

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HEADLINE: This is America’s New Face of Brutal Rage and Chaos by John Horvat II

  • Crossing the Rubicon : “At some point this past month, America crossed a Rubicon that dramatically changed things. As a consequence of that subtle decision, we no longer seem to follow the internal logic by which things were predictable. We saw a loss of cooperation that is making the country ungovernable. Horrible things, once hidden, are deemed acceptable to the public.”
  • Things were already happening in public that shouldn’t have been happening.
  • Question is: Are we willing to tell those that have crossed that they cannot come back until they publicly repent and renounce?
  • Why aren’t we treating them this way?
  • The New Capital is Albany New Tenocktetlan.
  • This disorder is unpredictable since the explosion tears through everything in its path with unplanned intensity.

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Special Guest – Brother Andre Marie from the St. Benedict Center

  • WELCOME BACK BROTHER – we have certainly missed you!
  • Discusses some of his recent article by Frederic Martel from yesterdays show.
  • Make it not the clergy and make it not homosexuality. Make it a judge in Montana, and he is constantly throwing people in the clinker for felonious theft, yet in his private life he is doing the same. Yet he lectures them from the bench when the criminal  does it.
  • THAT would be hypocrisy.
  • We must always remember DUE PROCESS!
  • We must never just jump to defrocking a Priest without throughly researching.
  • The standard for proving libel is so very high, you have to be shown to have willingly LIED publicly about that person.
  • We all have a natural right to our reputation. For a Priest that is “credibility accused” to be instantly thrown to the dogs violates his rights.
  • Some Bishops are throwing names of accused Priests out in the open which is contrary to Church Law! That Priest has access to recourse b/c of that, even if he is guilty.
  • The Official Program for the Conference

HEADLINE: The Sham Rome Meeting by Rod Dreher

  • With Cardinal Cupich in charge, there really is no telling what is going to happen here.
  • Short open letter to all the Bishops –
  • You can’t divorce this larger crisis from the crisis of Homosexuality in the Priesthood.
  • 80% of these reported incidents were homosexual in nature.

HEADLINE: Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller: ‘End the Conspiracy of Silence’ by Edward Pentin

  • Drive thru Ash Wednesday’s – how did we get into this pickle?
  • Genesis is very clear – It is a harrowing tale.
  • He recommends it b/c we go back to the very beginning.
  • The Virginal Story: He is buried in a Virginal cave, etc
  • “Yeah this celibacy needs to be done away with.” – from some Catholic Laity
  • A married man can be ordained, an ordained man can never be married.
  • The fullness of the Priesthood can NEVER go to a married man. So a married man can NEVER be a Bishop.
  • The fullness is in the episcopacy.
  • The Church has settled that, John Paul II, he actually said this is the ordinary and universal teaching of the Catholic Church.
  • As Cardinal Brandmuller points out, the women that advocate women being Priest, they don’t understand the BRIDE of Christ!
  • The process to undo what made McCarrick able to flourish.
  • Distinction 2 realities of the changes that take place in a man.
  • Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders.
  • Holy Orders CANNOT be undone. It makes a change in being.
  • You cannot erase this sacrament.
  • Mr. McCarrick can never not be a Bishop or Priest b/c of the mark on his soul. However the distinct reality is the Churches Law, regards the man to enter the clerical state at tauncher. So the Church regards him as a cleric.
  • The Churches Law – you are not subject to the laws of the state but you are to the Church alone. This is why Priests couldn’t be tried by the secular arms to be judged. The Church has its own penal system for Priest.
  • He was reduced to the LAY STATE – he now no longer has the protection of a cleric.


  • You cannot be a “temporary” Priest.
  • When all hell broke loose in the Church in the 70’s, Priest were asking to be laicized in massive numbers.
  • The hardest vow is obedience, NOT celibacy!
  • People aren’t living the Priestly life the way it should be lived. When you aren’t doing that you are vulnerable to easiest of temptation.
  • Question for Priest that wanted to be laicized -When did you quit saying your breviary? (he always got an answer)
  • Priest used to call this their wife!
  • Priest don’t just stop Priesting over night.
  • We are not called to Nature, we are called to something higher!
  • Tonight catch an all new ReConquest Episode 167


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