Pentagon Orders Acceptance Of The LGBTQ Community

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Folks, it’s very possible that God is just setting us up going: I don’t like to be mocked, dudes.  You guys have been micturating on me and my son and the faith for about 500 years now, the Mohammedans for 1200 years.  Up here in Heaven, we’ve just had it.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This is from the Pentagon.


We can state with absolute certainty the distinction between being tolerated and being embraced, for instance. [Mike: Notice the semantic argument here.] There are confidence impacts. There are social impacts. There are mission impacts. The panel for this Coffee and Conversations will talk about the importance of embracing each other, regardless of our differences.

[end reading]

Mike:  You’re not going to be allowed to have that difference for much longer.  They’re going to tell you: No, you may not think that way.  No, you may no longer tolerate.  Now you must embrace.  How long before they go: [mocking] Hey, have you tried it?  Have I tried what?  You know.  Citizen, you will obey your federal overlord.  You will obey your federal department of Gaystapo.  You know, have you tried, you know, relations with the other sex?  No, I haven’t tried it!  Well, that’s the law now, dude.  You kind of have to try it.  No, I don’t.  Well, that’s the law, dude.  You can’t knock it unless you’ve tried it, pal.  You’ve got to experience it.  [mocking] “You’re just being ridiculous now, Mr. Church.”  Oh, yeah?  Wanna bet?


The reader adds:

“The announcement then goes on to list the panelists and remarks that they will join together ‘in discussing how we can be better champions of diversity and help create a more inclusive workplace.’

“The proselytizing goes well-beyond the State Department.”

It used to be that you were being asked to tolerate, which I think most of us, whatever our personal view on homosexuality and transgenderism, can agree is a reasonable request, especially in the workplace. Now you are being strongly nudged by your employer to affirm, or embrace. Notice the language in the memo, which implies that if you don’t affirm, then you are harming the mission (= doing a subpar job). You know what happens to people who harm the mission.

[end reading]

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Mike:  Folks, if you are harming the mission, what does that mean?  That means you’re not performing well.  You’re not performing good enough.  You’re not performing as you should.  What does that mean?  That means your conduct at work is not how good you are at doing your job.  It’s not how good you are at doing this job or that job or any other job.  It’s how good you are at embracing people who aren’t like you.  It’s how good you are at pretending that you are a homosexual, pretending that you empathize with homosexuality.  Hell, you might even be jealous of it.  Some of you have sent me memos from your company that said this exact same thing that I’m reading you.  I read one a couple weeks ago on the show.


I’ve written before about a Christian friend who works at a senior level within a major corporation. He has ignored many company-wide prompts from the Human Resources department urging employees to declare themselves LGBT “allies,” because he believes having to make that declaration would violate his conscience. He fears the day when his superiors come to him and tell him that his failure to positively affirm his allyship means he creates a risk for a hostile work environment, and they fire him.

[end reading]

Mike:  Folks, this is all the more reason why the Veritas Radio Network becomes that much more important as an oasis for people who want to work in broadcasting and don’t want to have to trade your principles.  I’m telling you, your Limbaughs, your Hannitys, your Becks, your Levins, anyone that’s under them that in local yokel radio is going to be made to conform to this.  Self-employment, making our own networks, employing ourselves, whether we be radio or television or carpenters or accountants or bookkeepers or elk slayers or whatever the case may be, cabinetmakers, survivalists, whatever, business consultants, you’ve got to be on your own.  You can’t work for the man anymore.  You’re putting your Christian values at risk.

Of course, there is the case to be made, maybe I want to become a martyr, Mike.  Maybe I want to be in the world and not of the world.  Maybe I want to be a part of it.  Maybe you do.  Martyrdom is on its way.  It begins as white martyrdom, then goes to red martyrdom.  Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to be talking about American history because no one likes this conversation.  Even though it’s happening all around us, I’m supposed to deny it’s happening.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, that’s what real radio show hosts do.  They just don’t talk about that stuff because Trump is more important.”  Sure he is.

If embracing and affirming is seen by the Pentagon as necessary for maximum mission – in other words, you have to embrace transgender.  You have to embrace homosexuals.  You have to embrace lesbians and gays, bisexuals, transgenders and queers, Q’s, confused.  Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile.  The adage works.  Dreher:


So, if embracing and affirming (as distinct from mere tolerating) is seen by the Pentagon as necessary for maximal “mission impact,” will it also be the case that armed US combatants have to assent in the same way as part of their mission? Call this alarmist if you like, but the handwriting is on the wall. At some point, this kind of thing will be the pinch of incense that Christians will be required to burn if they want to serve in the military, even in a civilian capacity.

[end reading]

Mike:  If you don’t believe that this stuff is actually taking root and is now becoming – this is sick.  Folks, it’s very possible that God is just setting us up going: I don’t like to be mocked, dudes.  You guys have been micturating on me and my son and the faith for about 500 years now, the Mohammedans for 1200 years.  Up here in Heaven, we’ve just had it.  God’s up there writing a note right now going:

Dear Apostates – It saddens my heart and troubles me to inform you that the end for you and your sick, twisted, warped, perverted, apostate, heretical civilization is coming to a close.  I have sat here and Closets_are_for_clothestolerated all of these heresies, all of these sacrileges that have been thrown upon my name and my son’s name.  For good measure, you guys had to come after the Holy Ghost and the beloved woman who I chose to bear my son.  You have mocked her.  You have made a mockery of her.  You have denied her holiness.  You have denied her place in my kingdom I gave her to.  I’ve had it.  You clowns are going to get what you deserve and so is your progeny going to get what you deserve.

God is planning the attack, folks.  By the way, there’s breaking news.

[start audio file]

Ron Hopper, FBI: Before I provide an update in the investigation, I’d like to acknowledge my partners that are here with me today. I’d like to recognize Chief John Mina with the Orlando Police Department who will provide remarks following my comments, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings . . .

[end audio file]

Mike:  This is the guy from the FBI.  They’re going to release these 911 calls from the Orlando bloodbath, the act of Muslim orthodoxy two Sundays ago.

[start audio file]

Hopper: . . . Mayor of Orlando Buddy Dyer, Mayor of Orange County Teresa Jacobs . . .

[end audio file]

Mike:  When I see the tape actually being played, I’ll cue it up if you want to hear it.  Meanwhile, I want you to hear this.  There is this story at Media Research Center TV.  “I Am A Gender Non-Conforming Parent.”  There’s a woman that looks like a boy, and then there’s a woman that kind of looks like a woman who allegedly have “their son.”  Of course, that’s an unnatural occurrence.  It’s impossible it could be their son.  It could be her son; it’s not their son.  [mocking] “You gotta let them adopt now.  You can’t tell people that they can’t adopt.”  Really?  You know how many actual Christian heterosexual couples out there that cannot conceive that are waiting in line to adopt children and they’re being passed over now for homosexuals?  This is child abuse, folks.  What you’re about to hear is child abuse.

I’m going to read you the headline, “Lesbian ‘Gender Non-Conforming’ Couple Tries to Force Son to Have ‘Queer’ Gender Relationship.”  Wait till you hear it.  I proceed from the point of view that homosexuality, like gender dysphoria, is a mental condition.  It is a disordering of the mind.  The mind that God created naturally, that performs the way that God created and intended (of course, there are always exceptions, and he allows that) that the mind that operates according to the way, when it comes to sex, human sexuality, that God designed it to create is a natural one.  One that operates in contravention to the way God designed it – he did not design our orifices, he didn’t design our bodies, and he certainly didn’t design our minds for homosexual activity.  That’s why it is condemned as unnatural.  That’s why there are still laws on the books called crimes against nature.  That’s what it is.

Folks, people that have disordering of the mind, number one, we’ve got to pray for them.  Number two, we’ve got to pray for their conversion.  We have to pray for their chastity.  Yes, we have to love them.  This is all true.  This does not mean that we have to condone and accept their behavior, and we certainly shouldn’t visit it upon children, for heaven’s sake!  This is child abuse.  Let’s add to the warping of the mind that gender dysphoria is and homosexuality is, let’s throw in transcendentalism.  [mocking] I was a lesbian in a past life.  No you weren’t, you only get one life and one soul, lady.  Sorry.  Your Neopaganism doesn’t work here.  Oh yes it does, and my son was a homosexual in his past life, too.  How could you possibly know this?  Well, I guess it’s just part of the new age, isn’t it?

[start audio file]

Dashiell: I had dude friends that were like: Oh, you’re having a boy? I’ll teach him how to throw a ball. I’m just like: Dude, I can –

[end audio file]

Mike:  Folks, I’ve got to set this up.  If you’re not watching this, you need to go to YouTube and watch this or go to today’s Pile of Prep and grab this video.  Let me set this up.  There are two women here.  The one that’s doing the talking here in the beginning is the one that looks like a boy.  She’s obviously a female.  They’re being interviewed for some sick, twisted television show.  They’re all tatted up.  She has her hair cut, again, like she is a young boy.

[start audio file]


Dashiell: I had dude friends that were like: Oh, you’re having a boy? I’ll teach him how to throw a ball. I’m just like: Dude, I can throw a ball. What are you talking about?

Michelle: Where do you start with that?

Dashiell: My path is like a gender queer person.

Michelle: My understanding about gender is that ultimately it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t give you the information about that person that you think that it’s going to give you.

Dashiell: The person I am today was very much in line with the person that I was or longed to be when I was very little. I was a tomboy. My best friends were primarily boys. I played with boy stuff. That changed as I became a teenager and wanted to fit in more and just wasn’t comfortable being myself. I was still kind of figuring out who I was. That took a long time. From that time until my early 30s, my queerness in terms of my gender sort of continued to transform. [Mike: Folks, if this isn’t demented thinking, I don’t know what is.]

Michelle: I was at the very beginning of deciding to try to have a baby by myself.

imacFOLKS, a message from Mike – The Project 76 features, Church Doctrine videos and everything else on this site are supported by YOU. We have over 70, of my personally designed, written, produced and directed products for sale in the Founders Tradin’ Post, 24/7,  here. You can also support our efforts with a Founders Pass membership granting total access to years of My work for just .23 cents per day. Thanks for 19 years of mike! – Mike

Dashiell: I’ve always known that I wanted to have kids someday. I thought I probably would end up trying to go down the path of having a baby alone also. [Mike: Then have one! Find a husband and have one!] I just didn’t know the right person was out there to take that journey with. When we got ready to go on our first date, my best friends at the time asked me to not talk about wanting to have kids with Michelle. I brought it up, I think, on some other casual dates a little too soon because it was something that I was really, it was important to me. But with Michelle, they said I should really slow my role a little bit. And then not knowing that she was actually –

Michelle: Trying to have a baby.

[end audio file]

Mike:  I can’t take any more.  The one that thinks it’s a boy, she thinks she’s male, is dressed in a men’s tuxedo.  Folks, they are imitating actual natural life while defying it and making it a monstrosity.  They’re visiting this heresy, they’re visiting these thoughts, they’re visiting this upon a child.  I’d like to know, instead of all you busybodies out there in Walmart parking lots trying to police people that are disciplining their children for screaming and hollering in Walmart, where are you?  Where’s the social justice warriors on this?  This is child abuse!

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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