Perry's and Romney's Lust for Permanent War

todaySeptember 2, 2011 2

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    Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

    Mike: Do you see how now the right-wing media tries to influence and struggles mightily to define and determine who it is that is a respectable candidate? Now, they are completely entitled to their own opinion as to that. But to state it as a media source and as a statement of fact, like its news, is to me, well, it is what it is. You ought to be able to smell that out and go, wait a minute, Mike, somethings wrong. We accuse CBS, ABC, and NBC of being the liberal media, them doing it. Oh, but when Fox does it, its okay.

    You see, folks, this is why the critical thinking and the not accepting everything as its presented to you because it comes from a conservative source. You have to suspect everything. Unless its statements of historical fact, and especially when you have researched them, or you have read them for yourself. Theres more on this. Waitll you hear Charles Krauthammer and the same Steve Hayes on the same show, giddy like little schoolboys that finally now we can get back to bombing brown people in this campaign. Because Romney and Perry want to bomb some brown people. And now theyre out theyre out telling it to the world. Why, Americans will be respected. We are not going to apologize for us, and were not going to kowtow to some sissy, pantywaisted UN or NATO. Oh, no. Were going to unilaterally act, and were going to preemptively invade and preemptively bomb.

    The warfare state is sitting pretty right now. You people that are driving to work right now that work in the defense industry or in the military industrial complex, buy stock in your companies. Its looking real good for you right now. Youll be making armaments, and taxpayers will be jilted out of trillions of dollars as far as the eye can see for those armaments. You will not be in an unemployment line in your adult lifetime until and when the American sheeple demand an end, as their Founders would have done, to this tyranny and to this never-ending warfare state.

    I mean, some days I dont know where I live. Who are these people that think that we are defined by our military? I thought we were defined by our liberty. I dont mean any slight or harm or insult to the men and women in uniform. Since when has that been the definition? Since when? The only reference that we have to our greatest military heroes is usually one of humility. Lets go back to the beginning, shall we? What did the greatest military man in American history, lets see, what was his name, uh, uh, started with a G, dont tell me, I know this, its a G-e-o oh, oh, oh, George Washington, yeah, yeah, that guy. What did he do when presented with the opportunity to be a Napoleon Bonaparte military dictator? He passed on it. He said, Eh, fellas, I got this thing, I got this hot chick, her names Martha; I got this farm called Mount Vernon, runs on this thing called the Potomac River, its really cool. Im going back there to go hang out. You guys go and help yourselves to the spoils of the Revolution. Ill see you on the other side. Goodbye.

    Washington passed on the chance to lead and continue expanding the American empire, didnt he. He was very humble in it. Not according to some, but the historical record is very clear here. So are we led by Washington, the father of our country, as the first President, as the presider of the Federal Convention of 1787? Of the man that wrote the farewell address? Of the man that established the two-term limit on the presidency and all the other things that Washington did? Of the man that refused to torture British, those that were captured in war? The man that gave quarter to those Brits that wanted to surrender, and didnt treat them like barbarians?

    Are we to defer to that definition of Washington? Or are we to only look at him, why, he was a military commander, and the militarys always been the definition of Americans. Really? Jefferson never put a uniform on. Madison never put a uniform on. Patrick Henry did, but those two men didnt. We are just so totally out of whack. But thats what the sheeple want, thats what youre going to get. You want never-ending war? Thats what youre going to get. And now your two major candidates, and Ill play the digital media file next hour, theyre all in, baby. They are all in.

    End Mike Church Show Transcript

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