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The Mike Church Show World HQ

There is such a wonderful, hold hands and sing kumbaya ring to “bi-partisan consensus on foreign policy” but the fact is we’ve had it for 30 years and it has produced the empire and intervention state

VIDEO: This is a wonderful 4 part video series on the canon of the Extraordinary Latin Mass in the Catholic Church and Father even talks about men dressing for mass like it is a Jimmy Buffet concert

Last Train to Brokesville has left the station and is carrying ANOTHER $1 TRILLION in new debt

UNBELIEVABLE: The American Sheople say they want deficits dealt with BEFORE Obama spends another $100 BILLION on “education”!?

The “Ryan Plan” is neither a serious attempt to bring the “budget” in balance nor is it “draconian” or “anarchy-libertarian”

If the “middle class” is shrinking and the upper class is growing then who is moving in what direction?

Just another drop in a bucket of red ink: The deficit for THIS year will be a meager $1.1 TRILLION that must someday, be repaid, this equals $3560 per man woman and child in the USA

Congressional lapdog agency-the CBO-predicts calamity if the sheople don’t accept status quo spending and taxing

Just how invasive is the Sharia law promoting Muslim presence in our gubbmint? Andy McCarthy says it is very pervasive and growing

De-educated females provide the majorities of “women” who are rabidly, no restrictions, Abortionistas, otherwise, non de-educated (through “college”) females & men think the same about abortion conditions

Exhibit “A” of why Romney may be just as bad as Obama: He plans to RE-appoint Ben BernYankMe

Thomas DiLorenzo’s new book goes inside Mordor to reveal that DC really IS a crime family syndicate

Of course “education” will take a huge hit if Obama is not re-elected and remember it is Congress’s job to hire and train teachers!

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Steven Donoho

You said something about a judge in Texas advocating armed insurrection or something. My ears perked up but I guess I missed it. What up?



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