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Pile of Prep: Despite Romney Hysteria, Obama Takes Early voting

todayOctober 31, 2012 4

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s Daily Pile of Prep.

“But what happens if Romney is president? A rift emerges between frustrated hawks demanding a Dick Cheney agenda and business-minded Republicans who don’t want to blow their political capital on promoting democracy and carving out a legacy for Bibi Netanyahu in the Middle East.” – Daniel McCArthy, Editor,  American Conservative Magazine
Rocky Mountain Low: Obama’s lead evaporates in CO polls but he still has the edge

What would a Romney election do to Conservatism? TAC’s Daniel McCarthy has some suggestions and I will add that conservatives of the Jeffersonian stripe will be driven to a 3rd party

Mayor Adolph Dumberg mandate that car drivers must carpool to get into the city that never sips 16 oz sodas

Early voting hype not panning out as Obama takes early voting despite claims that Romney won early voting by 7 points prove to not be supported by the facts

Ann Coulter claims more for the Romney Campaign than Romney does: Romney will repeal and replace health care…fix[ing] it so no Democrat can ever screw it up again”! So, Republican Central Health Planning is AOK! Whee, let’s party (Romney’s picking up healthcare costs, why not?)

If the election were purely being waged on Obamanomics, Obama would be serving a cooked goose

GOP Candidate in NM Senate race (Heather Wilson) is set to lose that race too as the casualties mount and it becomes more clear that Harry Reid will remain Senate Majority Leader

If you want to be good at something, practice it, then practice it some more then practice what you have learned. FORGET about “following your heart”

Where the Jobs Aren’t: ADP makes embarrassing admission of the books it cooked in September…GROSSLY cooked

The dead Constitution clings to a mere memory of how it once worked, the Electoral College is one of those last threads and the revolutionaries aim to take it out. We should resist with manly vigor

George Will on Obama’s re-election: Obama should just apologize and call it even

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Written by: TheKingDude

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