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The Mike Church Show World HQ

If at First you Don’t Secede-Northern States of Course-Try, Try Again

Today’s guest: Chuck Thompson’s site where you’ll find his book and writings on our North/South divorce er… secession

Thompson uncovers story that chronicles US Marines marching in combat under rebel flag

American Conservative Magazine’s Noah Millman presents a completely and utterly historically incorrect view of the Declaration, the Constitution and the new craze of “Declarationism” – this thinking is precisely “What Lincoln Killed-EPISODE I” was created to combat

2005 Book challenges men to become “Compleat Gentleman – Here is a preview chapter from “Compleat Gentleman”

VIDEO: Dumbocrat Senator claims Obama “led the mission that brought bin-laden to justice”

Newsweek’s Niall Ferguson nabs cover story “Hit the road Barack-Why Obama must go”

Obamanomics: Jay Leno takes pay cut to save staffers jobs on The Tonight Show-what is more surprising is that Leno makes “$15-20 MILLION from his other gigs”…WHAT other gigs?!

Steyn: Obama and the deems have no records left to play other than to fabricate their own successes and ignore the reality that is the failing world of their creation that we live in

Flashback: Paul Ryan’s roadmap DID call for a 1/3 stake of SS to be owned and invested by the individual or partly privatized making it a “partly correct” solution

Andy McCArthy continues his yeoman’s work in detailing the unfolding catastrophe in Egypt brought on at least partially by our meddling infatuation with the “Arab Spring”

“Four Score & 7 years ago” was just another piece of propaganda/fiction created by Lincoln to justify his lethal actions

Samuelson: Ryan’s plan may actually have the merit of being “a plan” which properly implemented “could” “fix” MediCare

So, the “conservatives” in the House of Representin’ DID appropriate bailout money for  Farm-Aid but not to worry because Obama appropriated much more than that himself

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Jim Battarbee

In the event that some part of this once great country decides to secede, just what would they take with them? No matter how much any of us object, this country has gave away wealth to pestholes all over the world, we have provided so called charity, taken from the productive by force. The Fed has made many loans in our name, and we didn’t find a way to object or stand up against this evil. We let it grow to the point where we are now almost choked to death. So, those that now wake up and wish to walk away, will have to think about what the Fed can burden them with on the way out the door. All Fed funded projects in their states will now come with a bill, as well as a bill for the future costs of those things they can claim are done as mutual benifit.
No, I don’t believe the answer it to secede, better to clean up your own town, no more bonds to sell, no more services that should be private, no more power for Mayor Bedfellow to hand perc’s to his buddies. Neibouring towns doing the same thing can work with you to clean up the state in the same manner. This foundation can and will choke off DC and all the evils of collectivism!
Perhaps some day we can get to the point where morality is understood to come from rational self intrest, rather than some savage witch doctors dogma! For me, I cannot tell the diffrence between religious dictatorships like Muzzys today or the Christian swords from 600 years ago. Both and any other that gets control will make men like Stalin blush! I do not believe king Obama would be diffrent to a state witch doctor, at least to “their” subjects.

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