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Watch Out America: Mothers Organize To Assault Gun Rights

todayJanuary 9, 2013 4

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of Founding Fathers, Gun Rights goodness and other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “The reason local politics are so bad is that so few people have enough interest to participate—save the wolfishly self-interested and the crazies. So those of us who are willing to be called crazy can, by showing up, petitioning, and arguing, occasionally win.” Bruce Frohnen, The Imaginative Conservative

VIDEO: Mothers begin organizing to “stop gun violence” and like The Old south and alcoholism, they will probably not be denied (see the cause of abolition/the “Civil War” and “Prohibition”) – “Women were behind the two largest, most violent, deadly movements in American history (ostensibly to bring an end to) abolition & prohibition. They have driven the cost of automobiles and insurances to previously unaffordable and still escalating levels (See MADD) so do not underestimate the power of the scorned, bleeding or broken female heart in American politics. Not even the Spirit of ’76 or the written words of the Constitution could stop them as in the one case they ignored and perverted those words and in the other they amended them. If we are to remain in this faux “union” I suggest calling a truce and making a deal with them now before they set their sights on amendment II.” – Mike Church to Mark Kreslins, 08 Jan, 2013

TICSmall town politics are just that “small” and most of the times that mean incompetent and corrupt, though that is because so little is left for them to do thanks to Big Brother the State and BIGGER BROTHER the FEDERAL monstrosity – it is thus time for [r]epublicans to emerge, engage and fight

Glen Greenwald: Zero Dark thirty glorifies torture which is perfectly in tune with Obama’s appointment of John Brennan to head CIA – More Brennan as Drone Czar here (it is, after all, chiefly HIS idea)

Order your, “America Secede or Die” embroidered baseball cap today!

If there is a photo of a more beautiful personal library/study, please submit it to me for posting here. H/T Winston Elliott “The absolutely breathtaking library at the Château de Groussay in France. The Chateau was built in 1815 and enlarged in the late 1930s by the French aesthete Carlos de Beistegui.”

Rod Dreher clues-in holiday Catholics. Protestants and, wait, did I say Protestant without scorn!? Anyway, here’s ONE pastor’s take on empty Sunday pews and those that show up for weddings & Christmas

Reason #3 why DeceptiCONS MUST oppose Chuck Hagel as SoD: He intends to drastically cut the Pentagon budget and even endorsed a plan to cut 80% of our nuclear arsenal – countdown to John McCain’s head catching fire in 3-2-1….

The Euro Crisis is NOT over as Ambrose Evans Pritchard wonders why Europeans would trade their parliaments and sovereignties for the lousy Euro and command and control from the EU dictators? (indeed!-Secede!)

VIDEO Memo to Pierce Morgan & Alex Jones: THIS is what an intelligent debate looks and sounds like as arch conservative WFB squares off against arch Socialist Noam Chomsky without any yelling, screaming, lunging or faux channeling of “The Spirit of ’76”

Beck wants you to know that “The Left” wants to us e Alex Jones as “the poster boy for every gun nut in America” and therein lies the rub, Alex Jones also wants you to think he is the poster child for the gun-nut

Jonah Goldberg’s predictable opposition to the Hagel nomination has everything you would expect in it save for an indictment of Ron Paul as his “best friend” (he isn’t but what the hay!)

Read the stories you’re not supposed to read about Forgotten, yet great American conservatives-by Brion McClanahan

Ross Douthat makes a LOT of sense IF and this is an 800 ton IF, you believe there is some miraculous, saving, master stroke that will prudently prolong the current illegitimate (the Constitution as a legal compact between consenting parties-the States- was broken 151, 156, 100, 75, 55, 47,31, 25, 19, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 ,3 ,2 and 1 years ago) corrupt and unimaginably out-of-scale federal Leviathan.

Gal Queda: They aren’t happy unless they aren’t happy. The “controversy” over Brent Musberger’s commentary of Miss Alabama (AL QB,AJ McCarron’s girlfriend) is now “offensive” and should earn a “reprimand” from everyone other than Y/T and Miss Alabama and that’s the way Southern Belles roll (tide)

Mark Steyn: The deal made by our Titanic Leaders may have fuzzy math and debatable details in it but the RESULT is certain: D-O-O-M

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