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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Pile of Prep-The ObamaCare Christmas Bonus: You Will Only be Allowed 30 Hrs of Part-Time

Get your [r]epublican coffee mug & travel mug at Mike's Founders Tradin' PostMandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep from Mike Church. The daily wrap up of stories used to produce the Mike Church Show.

12 days to go and all tied up (if you can believe that) and Romney seems to have lost the initiative

Mike Church Show listener discovers the Libtard version of “Double Secret Probabtion” after videotaping Dem Congressman Colin Peterson’s tirade over abortion

The ObamaCare Chritmas bonus: You will only be allowed to work 30 hours per week part-time beginning in January OR your employer has to buy you healthcare

DeceptiCON Gushes over newest Republican Social Philosophy, espoused by Paul Ryan at a speech in OH. Wow, I didn’t realize that what was needed to fix this disaster was a speech

Gary Johnson is sadly pro-choice, but has the right policy on the Feds & Roe V Wade

Semi-Colin Powell re-endorses Dear Leader calling Romney an unstable, unpredictable force in foreign policy

Why is the demand to hold onto cash so high? Robert Higgs takes a look under the hood and doesn’t like what he sees

Read this list of top contributors to Romney & Obama and see what you think of what the candidates ACTUAL agendas are now

Larison: Romney did NOT denounce the Iraq War

Obama to Romney: You’ll be thanking me for this mechanized, flying – killing drone power I’m leaving you

Libyan militant sips frappe, wonders how Obama will get him (uhhh drones!) and why the US is always using force to get its way

Where the jobs aren’t: MASSIVE firings going on now exceed all the firings for 2011, where’s Donald Trump?

The Euro-bank crooks and Osama bin BernYankMe manipulate data and government fears to do what they want: Print money

Faux News – The supposedly “irrefutable proof” that Obama et al knew everything there was to know about bin Ghazi terrorists as the 9-11 attack was happening now appear to not be accurate

Mish: Romney is to the left of Krugman and in the good graces of Ohio Unions with his trade war with China talk and that is a 100% wrong position to take

The endorsement of rape that wasn’t BUT was actually a statement of religious faith and faith in God – And that comes from a New Republic liberal

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