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Pile of Prep: Visualizing 46 Million Teat Sucklers by Filling a Wal-Mart Parking Lot With Them

todayOctober 25, 2012 1

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church presents his daily Pile of Prep, containing all the stories Mike uses in his show prpe and ongoing research of American history.

6 Months ago I began wondering aloud why Romney/Ryan didn’t bolt to the non-intervention/Ron Paul view of foreign Policy, outflank Obama and crush him on the issue, now that election is close it is fashionable for others to do so

The DeceptiCON high command orders “constitutionalist” troops to vote for Romney or die

“Ruh roh Raggy” – Obama has a steady, 5-7 point lead in Ohio in latest polls

Ann Coulter: Only Hissy fit Chris Matthews plays that old racial demagoguery music the Libtardians love to break

dance to

DeceptiCONS at Heritage pine for an end to OBAMA’S “Imperial Presidency” but 6 years ago, Kevin Gutzman made the same case (he made it better actually) to end the “Imperial Presidency” of George W Bush

Come out, come out wherever you are! DeceptiCONS go underground with their “Exceptionalist” views for the last weeks of the campaign, lest voters get wind of the nation building they plan for President Romney to engineer

What is it that drives Fox News to present the fantasy based view of a conservatism at odds with nearly every tradition conservatives USED to hold dear and defend? It is Roger Ailes as explained brilliantly in this piece

The (anti)TAXMan cometh! Grover Norquist actually favors cutting Pentagon spending (yay)!? Has he passed this wisdom on to Red State’s version of Frank Luntz, Erikkk Erikkkson?

Myth Busting: “Lincoln the Vampire Hunter” only reinforces the great mythology of the not so great man

More technology equals more access to more misinformation equals an electorate that reads more and because of WHAT they read is mor dumb for it

Infographics: The 46 million teat sucklers on foodstamps is hard to visualize until you fill a Wal-Mart parking lot with them, stacked one on top of another, to put it in perspective

ZeroHedge: More, buy intrinsic worth items with your paper notes while you can and store/hide them where the gubbmint cannot force you to liquidate

Your most kind, generous and gracious host was not the only one who noticed Monday night’s debate seemed like it was live from Jerusalem

Anthony Gregory: It was amazing how both Romney and Obama made it sound as though “peace” could be achieved hy increased military excursions and spending

The Conservative Movement needed to get “radical” 3 decades ago, one wonders if this writer were alive today, just how “radical” he may think conservatives should become now

Trump’s BIG announcement basically amounts to a “I have nothing to promote my empire these days and if Obama doesn’t do what I say then he is guilty of…something”

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Written by: TheKingDude

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