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Parrott Talk-A Pill For Every Ill

micMike ParrotttodayMarch 6, 2024 15

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    Parrott Talk-A Pill For Every Ill Mike Parrott

If you are feeling sick, depressed, anxious, pregnant or like you are in the wrong body, do not fret because a pill will make it all go away.  That’s right in America you can be a shiny happy communist thanks to Big Pharma.  Mike Parrott reveals how young couples don’t want to be parents until later in life so they seek out birth control pills.  Mike also exposes the doctors who want to medicate and mutilate children and the teachers, celebrities and government experts who are more than happy to push the agenda.  Listen to this episode of Parrott Talk for the latest scoop on public indoctrination and how the groomers plan to accomplish this mission.

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