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Parrott Talk-The Diddy Jackson Conspiracy

micMike ParrotttodayMarch 8, 2024 10

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    Parrott Talk-The Diddy Jackson Conspiracy Mike Parrott

A new conspiracy theory regarding Michael Jackson’s death has emerged.  Details from the P Diddy sexual assault trial reveal that Michael Jackson may have been murdered.  Candace Owens reported on these details, which shows Jackson’s head of security may have been a clean up man for Mossad or the CIA.  P Diddy is accused of  sexual assault which includes running a blackmail sex ring, which may have been blackmailing the King of Pop.  Mike Parrott breaks down this new conspiracy theory. He exposes what Owens gets wrong about the case, and Parrott reveals that this evidence is convincing.  Mike reveals why this case is not getting the attention it deserves from the media and other politicians.  Listen to this episode of Parrott Talk and learn how this case reinforces the theories and allegations surrounding Pizza Gate.


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