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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Did you see this story the other day that every public swimming pool in the entire country is going to have to have a wheelchair ramp into it?  Did you see that?

AG:  I have not seen that one, no.

Mike:  It was as a result of some ambulance chasing lawyer.  I didnt read it.  I only saw the pyramid of it, but the result was this was another plum thats been tossed out through the citizen of libtardia, ambulance chasing trial lawyers lobby.  This is another one of those unconstitutional overreaches, using the Americans with Disabilities Act.  They just club people over the head that own a business.  You got a business, a pool, a public pool, country club pool?  Youre going to wind up having to build, drain the damn pool, figure out how to get the railing and everything, and build a ramp in there so people with wheelchairs can get in the pool.  I am not kidding. 

You may say [mocking], Mike, that doesnt affect me.  I dont own a pool.  Do you live in a development that has a community pool where you pay homeowners dues?  Do you?  Youre going to pay for this.  Theyre going to drain your pool, too.  Theyre going to put that wheelchair ramp in your pool.  Here it is, AG.  It was at the Washington Examiner.  I knew I saw it, Pool-mageddon.  This is like something our buddy Tim Carney would write, although he didnt write it. 


President Obamas Department of Justice — led by Attorney General Eric Holder — has found a new way to make the Americans with Disabilities Act pay for Democratic trial lawyer campaign donors.  Since the ADA first became law in 1990, the DOJ has been issuing guidelines that businesses must follow to comply with a multitude of the nations civil rights laws.

[end reading]

Mike:  Again, ladies and gentlemen, my opinion is, and it is the opinion of those that are original intentors — somebody told me that we should stop calling ourselves, whats the new name, counter-Conservatives and call ourselves original intentors.  What do you like better, counter-Conservatives or original intentors?

AG:  I like counter-Conservative.

Mike:  I like counter-Conservative, too.  Original intentor is interesting.  We should have a poll on Twitter.  Follow me on Twitter,  What do you like?  Im not calling myself Conservative anymore.  I am off the Conservative reservation, obviously, and many of you Conservatives have kicked me off.  Fine.  Youre not Conservative or youre not in the classical definition of the word anyway, so counter-Conservatism is just fine by me.  I like original intentors.  Pretty soon, well be a feared group, a fringe group or original intentors that are always out there talking about this stupid Constitution.

Anyway, the general government has no authority whatever, none.  The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed by who?  Do you know?  Do you know who signed it?

AG:  Nope.

Mike:  Pappy Bush, Bush 41.  A Republican signed that, over the objections of many original intentors that said, You dont have the authority.  The Constitution does not grant this government the authority.  Anyway, back to the pool, and it doesnt. 


The DOJ has been issuing a growing wave of such guidelines over the years . . . in September 2010, the DOJ issued guidelines for recreational facilities, including a new rule that all public access swimming pools must provide a lift capable of moving disabled patrons from their wheelchairs into the water.  Compliance with the rule requires pool owners to have a lift for each water element in their facility.  So if your local community pool also has a spa, both the spa and the pool must be accessible.  But if you have two spas, dont worry, only one lift is required. 

In fact, most people in the swimming pool industry thought that one portable lift would be enough.  Pool owners claim they were led to believe that, as long as they had one device that could be wheeled out whenever someone needed help getting into or out of the pool or spa, there would be no need for intrusive permanent fixtures.  But then industry leaders began hearing rumors last year that Obamas DOJ would require permanently fixed lifts for each pool and spa.  They began to write letters to DOJ asking for clarification on the issue.

On Jan. 31 of this year, DOJ granted the industrys call for a clarification: But it was not the answer they wanted.  All 300,000 public pools in the United States must install a permanent fixed lift.  The deadline for compliance is today, Poolmageddon.

[end reading]

Mike:  How do you like that?  Thats one way to grow the economy.  Just pass mandates.  I can hear Obama explaining this now.  [mocking]

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio & Transcript – People in wheelchairs should have the same access to pools thateveryone else does… but that shouldn’t come from a Federally mandatedone-size-fits-all order.  What if your pool has a "swim at your ownrisk" policy or there’s just not any disabled people that swim there? Should they still be required to install a permanent lift? Listen totoday’s clip and red the transcript for more…

  Wheelchaired Americans, disabled Americans, good.  It helps people to build the lifts.  It provides jobs, much-needed summer jobs for people to install lifts.  Theyre going to have lifeguards, create jobs for lifeguards.  What if your pool currently has a policy that there is no lifeguard on duty and you swim at your own risk?  Should we get rid of that, too?  Isnt that dangerous?  Shouldnt they just require a lifeguard there?  Its got to be an Obama-certified lifeguard.  Young Eric is a lifeguard, isnt he?

AG:  Funny you should that.  He just stood up and pointed to the back of his shirt which has lifeguard on it. 

Mike:  Were going to call this the Mike Church Show Young Eric Employment Act of 2012.  This is beyond ridiculous.  Yet, are the states going to fight this?  Is the State of Georgia going to fight this?  Is my state of Louisiana going to fight it?  Is our attorney general going to say, How about no?  You dont tell us how to run our pools.  Were going to run our own damn pools.  

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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