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President Implores Youth Not to Depend on Selves; urges Allegiance to Government

Fomenting the Cycle of Government Dependency & Wealth Transfer to theNext Generation

(Audio) MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA –  President Obama appeared last night before acrowd of young energetic supporters at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser and concert featuring rapper B.o.B. to remind them that without government,their lives would be meaningless and to dismiss the notion that they are somehow at all responsible for their own decisions, successes and/or failures.

In recent weeks, some within the domestic statist wing of theparty have started rumbling that perhaps the latest puppet-in-chiefs rock-starstatus had diminished threatening the Rip Van Winkle-like trance that hasallowed apathy and government dependency to foster while simultaneously erodingindividual liberty, this as Mike so succinctly puts it…is not a good thing.  

Listen Now! (if you want to, its your choice)

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