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PREVIEW-John Taylor of Caroline, American Statesman

Founders_Pass_logo_signedMandeville, LA – After nearly 6 months of exhaustive research, translation, composition and editing we are in the final phase of making ready for press “John Taylor of Caroline County-American Statesman”!! I have long wished to publish Taylor’s works and a complete bio of his political career, that is now possible with the discovery of the rare works presented herein. The “Disunion Sentiment in Congress” manuscript is being published for only the second time in history and its story is worth the price of the final product, we think. Founders Pass members may view the brief preview of 18 pages presented herein. The final work will be over 150 pages and contains extremely rare works from Taylor, some, thought to be lost. Not a member? Sign up NOW for only .17¢ a day and support the important work of restoring American History so that all can learn and be entertained by the events as they actually occurred.

Download and/or read this wonderful Preview of John Taylor of Caroline County-American Statesman NOW!

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“John Taylor of Caroline County-American Statesman-Founders Pass Preview”


EXCERPT from “Disunion Sentiment In Congress, 1794 – “T[aylor] pressed K[ing] to state his suspicions of the designs of M[adison] to declare what points he wished to be conceded by his opponents—to state the supposed objects of the two parties, which disunited them, independent of the debt—and to say whether some alternative preferable to a dissolution of the union, could not be hit upon. But K[ing] declined any explanations of these kinds, contending that the only remedy for the political dissentious, was a dissolution of the union. And nothing being concluded upon, the conversation ended.”

Note that “dissolution” is the same as “secession”. Running through this discussion between Madison & Taylor is the possibility that the New England states will leave the union. None of the parties seem to believe this is anything but possible (while lamentable) proving, again, the Constitution has no inherent power to compel States to remain in the Union, none.

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Gregory Carpenter

I look forward to the complete text of his works, his insight and wisdom should be proliferated instead of propaganda.


Can not wait for a signed copy. John Taylor is my second most favorite founder after Patrick Henry.


Here, Here!!!

Wil Shrader Jr.

Beer, beer!
I hope this is lighter in the reading than Taylor’s works. I have been steadily digesting New Views of the Constitution for 3 years.

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