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Pride Monthers Have Come For The Foie Gras Farming Family

todayJune 12, 2023 2

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HEADLINE: Pride Month Zealots Launch Economic Warfare On Homesteading Catholic Family by Evita Duffy-Alfonso 

    • Long before the left invented ‘pride month’, the Catholic Church dedicated June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a tradition originating from the 17th century vision of Christ receive by French nun St Margaret Mary Alacoque. 
    • “While we’ve never required our customers to pass a litmus test before serving them, it seems our values, which come from lives lived as Louisiana Catholics, are considered unacceptable by some. 
    • One of the farmers’ markets that McKnight is a member of put out a statement “celebrating pride month” and refused to take it down even after McKnight pointed out that statement could be interpreted as an endorsement of pride by all the individual vendors. In response to the farmers’ market’s pride statement, McKnight told The Federalist that he “put out a little sign that says, ‘celebrate humility’ with an image of the Sacred Heart.”
    • The White House had a rainbow flag hanging from the balcony. 
    • Nearly two-thirds of McKnight’s business has evaporated, putting him and his family in a dire financial situation. Yet when interviewed by The Federalist, McKnight expressed a baffling sense of peace and even joy. “There’s that animal need to have food and shelter and clothing — certainly,” and “I’m concerned,” said McKnight. “But I don’t know how to precisely explain myself … I’ve lost everything overnight, but the suffering is valuable,” he said. 
    • The LGBTQ community doesn’t realize they messed w/ the wrong Catholic family.
    • Ross’s family is taking this in stride and stating that the SUFFERING IS VALUABLE. 
    • Who says something like this?
    • A devout Catholic family!
    • For him and his wife and children, defending the traditional family unit, their culture, and their faith is more important than anything.
    • He is talking about the French Acadians that were kicked out of the area. 
    • The French were invited by the Spanish to come here to LA and settle here.
    • “We count it a privilege to have lost much, it is an honor to participate, through the suffering of our family, in the triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” – Ross McKnight

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