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Walsingham West Handmade Coffee Mug

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From our friends at Montana’s Mountain Arts Pottery. Each of these mugs is an individual, hand-sculpted and custom glazed work of art. You will always fondly remember your support of The Walsingham West Project when drinking from this beautiful, full sized coffee mug!

About Mountain Arts Pottery

Mountain Arts Pottery began as a small backyard enterprise started by David and Jennie Lockie in Bozeman, Montana. In the 1970’s, the Lockies had owned a successful business in the excavation industry, but in 1979 the industry collapsed when interest rates soared to over 20%. David decided to sell the equipment to pay off the indebtedness. It took fifteen years, but by the grace of God, they paid off their debts without turning to bankruptcy as so many did in those years.

When times were good, Jennie had given Dave a set of pottery lessons at a local studio. Being good with his hands, Dave excelled in throwing pottery. With no work, four children to feed, and massive debt, Dave and Jennie prayed for guidance as to whether pottery could be a viable business for them. Several market ideas came to them, and in 1980, Dave converted the chicken coop in the backyard to a pottery studio. When a large order arrived from Yellowstone National Park, Dave built a kiln from instructions in a book and Mountain Arts Pottery was born.

After two decades of loading pottery and displays into a trailer for coast-to-coast art shows, Dave and Jennie grew…

Visit Josh and Kathy’s website and see their entire collection of hand-crafted potteries.

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