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todayNovember 4, 2011

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Mike:I want to go real quick to this story in the American Conservative magazine today because we are trying to figure out a way out of this mess, unlike the fakes and the frauds and the phonies and those that are in on the preservation of Leviathan who call themselves members of Congress and what have you here. There is a solution to this, and that is to amend the Constitution and by legislative dictate eliminate some of this stuff. And it really is, I mean, when this was proposed two years ago on this show, we talked about it for almost a year. We had a summit in Washington, D.C. We discussed the pros and cons of it. And there were some state legislatures at that time that were going use Article V of the Constitution, which says that the states can call for a convention.

And remember the story of this is, and this is told in my movie, The Spirit of 76, on the last day of the Federal Convention of 1787, or the second to last day, George Mason, the delegate from Virginia, stood up and said, I cannot give this Constitution my support because you have not provided any means for the citizens or for the states to intervene if this federal government, this monster youre getting ready to create, becomes unruly, becomes destructive, becomes unresponsive. And so he and other delegates demanded, okay, were going to lets rewrite Article V. And Article V was rewritten. And today it says, The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution….

Now, the people of this country in their infinite wisdom have left the amendments up to members of Congress since 17 the first one was in 1791 to get the Bill of Rights through. And then the federal judge amendments, 1800. And then the straightening out of the election, 1802 or 3. But anyways, the amendment process, the amendatory process has always been left to Congress. Why? Maybe in the early years, when Congress didnt have an awful lot of say because they were abiding the enumerated powers, and they were abiding that the federal government cobbled together a group of sovereign states in one federation to execute certain tasks. That is not the case anymore. Congress, you know, these people that are out there talking about what we need is a balanced budget amendment, are you kidding me? Congress cant balance its own budget. You think they can write an amendment thats going to do it? Waitll you see the loopholes in that thing. That thing is going to be 5,000 words long.

So the way out of this is for the states to say, for two thirds of them, thats 34 states, to say, all right, thats it, weve had it, you guys are done. And there were amendments, when we did this in April 9, 2010, there were six amendments that we proposed. One of them was clarifying once and for all the Commerce Clause. One of them was clarifying that all the Fourteenth Amendment said was that every citizen was entitled to due process. It did not say anything about condoms. Didnt say anything about abortion. It did not incorporate the other ten amendments against the states. And there was a federalism amendment. There was an amendment to give the states immediate veto power if a majority of them voted to do so over any act of Congress or the Supreme Court, or any decision by the Supreme Court. There was an amendment in there to give citizens, individual citizens immediate and speedy redress of grievances against any act of the federal legislature, should they think or they deem that it violated the Constitution, violated the separation of powers.

And back in 2010 we were told, Its dangerous. The John Birch Society says its dangerous, Mr. Church and Mr. Gutzman. Nancy Pelosi will get in there and will take it over, and shell ruin the Constitution. You just wait and see. Oh, yeah, because they do such a great job of not ruining it today [guffawing]

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. They do such a great job of not amending at their pleasure, as Patrick Henry might say.

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