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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Just looking at the electoral map of Virginia, you have an entire state, I’d say about 90 percent of the geographical area, is entirely red.  These aren’t even close reds.  Click on any one of the counties and not one of them is a horse race.  Then you have a couple pockets of the virus.  The virus is those teat-sucklers that work for Mordor.  If you look close on that map, if you blow it up, you can even see the perpendicular lines where those three counties have been carved out of the ten-mile square.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Go and grab a gander at the electoral map of the State of Virginia.  You that live in Virginia are now being ruled by Mordor.  Some people are going to say, [mocking] “Well, if Cuccinelli had run a better campaign, this never would have happened.  It’s supposed to be a reliably red state.”  I was looking at the results as they were coming in last night.  I was going county by county and I was seeing some of the counties that you would expect a Republican or a “conservative” candidate would or should win that Cuccinelli was winning.  I saw one that was 73.8 percent.  Many of them were in the high 50s.  Some were in the 60s.  These were ample margins, especially in the rural counties.

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Patrick_Henry_American_Statesman_paperback_cover_DETAILThere’s one that’s right smack dab in the middle of the western, I guess that’s the Blue Ridge Mountains section.  I haven’t traveled that way in a year or so and I haven’t looked at it on a map.  I’m just going to go out on a limb and say the one blue county that sticks out in the middle of that ocean of red in the southwestern part of Virginia must be where there is a bunch of people, and it must be where there’s a bunch of government, too.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s probably Roanoke.  Without overlaying an interstate map on it, I’m going to say that’s probably Roanoke.  As a matter of fact, the county is Montgomery County.  It’s not even a blowout.  It’s a 46/43.

There’s another big story out of Virginia.  The Libertarian candidate, Sarvis, actually nets 6.6 percent.  The final tally is McAuliffe 48 percent, Cuccinelli 45.5, and the big margins of victory are provided by the three counties in the north.  I don’t know why they haven’t called Prince William County.  It’s 52.1 for McAuliffe right now to 43.7, with 98 percent of the precincts.  This is according to the electoral map at Politico.  That’s going to make a nice top right-hand corner blob of blue.  The other county in the northern part that has not been called is Rockingham County.  It has 96.7 percent reporting.  Ken Cuccinelli is holding that county right now, 68 percent to McAuliffe’s 26.  That’s going to go red.  If we add that red one in there, and then if we scroll down a little further and go to Rock Bridge County, which has 95 percent reporting, that one’s going to go red with Cuccinelli as well.  If we scroll all the way to the bottom of the map, you’re going to see the county that is just north and to the east — I think that’s just north of where Raleigh, North Carolina is, maybe a little bit to the east.  That’s Mecklenburg County.  That’s going to go Cuccinelli as well.  That will complete the map.

What you’re going to see when you look at this map of the State of Virginia is one ginormous ocean, an overbearing, overflowing ocean of red counties and a couple dots of blue.  The big dots of blue that are going to stand out are the counties that are to the west of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  What makes Virginia Beach stand out, and I happen to know this that I lived there, went to high school there, grew up there, is that this is where your military bases are, especially your naval bases and your naval air stations.  There’s NAS Oceana.  There’s a couple other naval air stations.  It’s a big Navy town, Virginia Beach.  You get a little further west and south, that’s Chesapeake.  Norfolk is old-school, an urban landscape or an urban city that you would expect to find anywhere else in the country.  It wouldn’t be any shock that Norfolk would go for a Democrat.

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Just looking at the electoral map of Virginia, you have an entire state, I’d say about 90 percent of the geographical area, is entirely red.  These aren’t even close reds.  Click on any one of the counties and not one of them is a horse race.  Then you have a couple pockets of the virus.  The virus is those teat-sucklers that work for Mordor.  If you look close on that map, if you blow it up, you can even see the perpendicular lines where those three counties have been carved out of the ten-mile square.  You can see it if you click on the map.  You can see where Washington, DC proper just kind of juts into northern Virginia.  There it is.  There’s the virus.  The virus provides the margin of victory for Terry McAuliffe.  Again, not the eight-, nine-, and ten-point blowout that was supposed to occur.  Instead, you have a 48 to 45.5 with the Libertarian candidate getting 6.6 percent.

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtNow, some people are going to say, I know the first that’s going to come up is you had a rotten candidate in Cuccinelli.  Okay, that’s a fair knock.  That will not bely, though, and that will not assuage anyone that has any sense of federalism or has a yearning for a return for federalism and republicanism.  Federalism should work inside the states as well.  Federalism doesn’t just work across the borders of the sovereign entities we call states.  Federalism works in your state as well.  It is equally unfair for a dot-sized kingdom to rule over an entire geographical empire in one country.  It is as equally iniquitous for the same thing to occur in a state.

I brought this up yesterday when I talked about Pennsylvania.  If you eliminate or just carve off Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as its own state, bammo.  All of a sudden, Pennsylvania politics and the senators that are sent to Washington, DC, if they remain in the union, and that ought to be up to them, are going to diverge wildly from who are sent today.  Ditto that for New York.  New York could easily carve itself up into five or six different states.  If it had any lick of sense, it would.  You can even call yourself Manhattan, New York; Upstate, New York; Iroquois, New York; Long Island, New York.  You get your own governor, you get your own member of Congress, and you get two members of the United States Senate.  In other words, you get a little closer to getting your government on a federal level back into scale and practicing republicanism.

It is going to be undeniable to look at that map of Virginia and not see that if you people in Virginia don’t do something about this, if the virus spreads, this is going to mean that 80 to 85 percent of the state is going to be ruled by the top northeastern portion of it.  Most of those people aren’t even Virginians.  They’re carpetbaggers, as they used to be called.  Virginia being the first state, I call it the first state by virtue of the fact that it led the way — no, Massachusetts didn’t — in the American Revolution.  It led the way in almost everything.  Many of the customs and traditions we have today came from Virginia.  Five of the first six presidents came from Virginia.  There’s a reason why the Old Dominion was called the Old Dominion.  It wasn’t because it was old, let’s just put it that way.  So just a gander at that electoral map is going to start the conversation going about what we’re going to do about that.

republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoask1Let’s throw the wildcard into this.  What happened in Colorado?  Well, the people that don’t believe in self-government, the people that don’t believe in federalism, the people that don’t believe in republicanism, the people that don’t really believe or don’t really trust individual citizens with the privilege or the recognition of their right of self-determination and of their sovereign right to choose their own forms of government, those people are celebrating.  I believe there’s going to be a recount in one of the counties in Colorado.  Right now we have five counties that are for the initiatives to secede from the State of Colorado and form their own state, and five counties that are against.  The media is counting county number six, but what I was reading before I came on air is that one of the counties is going to have to be recounted before they say six out of the eleven that had the initiative on their ballots voted it down.  We know for sure right now that five voted it up and five voted it down.  That’s a draw right there.

The story is [mocking] “Those people that thought they were going to leave, that they could govern themselves, even the people that live inside those places don’t want to govern themselves.  They love us at Mount Doom.”  By the way, I have a new name.  We call Mordor on the Potomac River because the Washington Monument resembles the tower from Two Towers in the Tolkien trilogy.  That’s Mordor.  There are other reasons why it’s Mordor.  Now we have another Tolkienian landmark across the amber waves of fuel, and that’s Mount Doom.  You’ll find Colorado in the Mile High City.  It kind of looks like a mountain, doesn’t it, viewed from afar?  Maybe if the light is cast on it in a favorable manner it might even look like Mount Doom.  All it needs is a mile-high volcanic eruption and bammo.

So we have Mordor and we have Mount Doom.  The storyline is going to emerge that this is a longshot.  I listened to one of the stringer reporters that CNN has that they sent into Colorado today who couldn’t put sentences together.  He was trying to tell, I don’t know what the guy’s name is, who was filling in for John Berman.  He was telling Zoraida Sambolin and cohost of Early Start, [mocking] “This is a radical longshot initiative.  People are going to be wondering why it didn’t work.  Yeah, six of the eleven, well, five of the eleven for sure, um, yeah, well, no one in Colorado is going to let those counties go.”  Why not?  Why wouldn’t you let them go?

This is one of the questions that I think is going to have to be answered in the next six months as those five counties that voted to secede and take their own government into their own hands and not be ruled by Mount Doom in Denver, people are going to have to ask the question: You people in Colorado fancy yourselves freedom-lovers and you’re going to deny your northern neighbors their right to self-government, really?  Under what pretense?  Under what law?  Under what principle are you operating to make such a claim?

I haven’t heard anyone explain that.  We hear the usual stuff, [mocking] “Well, uh, because they belong to Colorado.”  Look, states don’t exist without the sovereign people.  Remember the argument about sovereignty and the discussion what is sovereignty?  You as a human are sovereign.  You choose to form governments.  You remain sovereign as you form government.  In forming the government, you will charge the government and you will transfer to them some of your power.  You have the power.  You have the power to make law.  You have the power to obey law.  You have the power to make treaties.  You have the power to trade and commerce.  You have the power to declare war and to conclude peace.  You have all the powers that the State has.  What you’re doing when you create government is you are delegating some of your sovereign power.  You’re not giving it to them forever.  You’re simply saying: I want you to act as my agent.  I’m going to call you government.  AG, who is a client of Jay Z’s these days?

AG:  Robinson Cano.

Mike:  It’s kind of like Robinson Cano delegating to Jay Z, rapper and now agent extraordinaire, he’s asking Jay Z to act as his agent.  That particular player is not abandoning his sovereignty and his right to ask someone to pay for his services, or to demand compensation for his services.  He’s simply asking the rapper or the agent now known as Jay Z, to act as his agent and represent him to those that have the money and he’s going to transact business with.  He can at any time end the compact, which is what government is.  It is a compact between sovereign people.  Government exists, in our system anyway, the way it should work, as long as the sovereign people are happy and content and believe the government is there for their safety and happiness.

magnificent samIn answering the question, I’d like to hear one of you blue-staters or one of you out there in denial of these first fundamental principles, to answer the question: Why would you deny, under what pretense and principle would you deny the people of northern Colorado their right to form their own state?  Here’s another one that ought to come up here.  I haven’t seen the electoral map but I suspect that when we get the electoral map for the State of Illinois and the gay marriage initiative that passed yesterday, I expect that you’re going to see the exact same thing that I just described in Virginia.  This is an age-old question.  Why should 90 percent of the landmass in Illinois be ruled and operate under edicts that are issued by the blob that sits on the shores of Lake Michigan?  As I said, I haven’t seen the electoral map, but I bet it’s going to look at awful lot like the one in Virginia.

The upshot is, there’s a lot of positive that comes out of this.  You can clearly see where the lines of federalism and republicanism have been drawn.  You can clearly see on these electoral maps that our governments, by and large, are out of scale.  Our states and political entities are antiquated and in serious, serious need of reform and realignment and rethinking.

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