The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

QE3: Remember The Good Ol’ Days When A Dollar Bought 6% of What It Used To?

Romney’s Unforced Libya Error: Blame it on “Liberal Media Bias” and non conforming [r]epublicans, ANYONE but Mitt Romney

Q: Does Anyone including Mitt Romney even know what his foreign policy is or will be?

Larison: Why do “Conservatives” have such think skin when it come sto their “Candidate”? No one ever said that Romney SHOULDN’T criticize Obama’s FP, we questioned his facts and the content

Good Advice for the US in Libya: Cut off their money, Withdraw the Embassy

Remember that monologue about how resistance to Leviathan has become futile because they control the money supply? Well guess what Fed Czar BernYankMe did with that supply today? Here’s a hint: trade your dollars for SOMETHING resellable asap

What exactly IS QE3 and what does it mean for you? Here is a little primer

Our Russkie listener Dmitriy called it: A Navy SEAL member of Ambassador Stevens’ detail WAS in Libya on a recon/intel mission

What happens when the McCains & Lieberman’s get their vaunted Arab Spring victories only to see the Jihadis take advantage of the vacuum? 

Uncle Bill Kristol thinks his favorite candidate should get busy talking about SERIOUS foreign policy issues… after listening to John Bolton lectures of course

The FED is in panic mode, admitting that its previous “interventions” have not worked-get ready for the crash


VIDEO: Ron Paul says BernYankMe has panicked and this move should terrify Americans

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