The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Radio 2016, Eat Your Young, Deny Your Future, “We Got That Covered”…


Mandeville, LA – Last week I mused in this space:

“Corporate media ownership has RUINED radio broadcasting for the forseeable future. Listeners have become conditioned to expect no breakout or new talents while growing into perfunctory, listening habits of stale, and frankly, bad radio. Prima facie evidence of this is the superstar status of iHeart & Pandora radio, offering regurgitated, swallowed and regurgitated music formats with near zero air talent enhancements or additions. What about Talk-Radio? “Fuhget about it”. The Talk-Radio Mafia through 2 companies and the quadrumvirite of “talents” truthfully does control and police the airwaves. Its an impressive business model that makes hundreds of millions for an elite few while decimating local radio and nearly killing, in the cradle, future talents. (if Dana Loesch is the future, the industry and your intelligence are doomed)….”

Now comes the story of Lisa G, a former SiriusXM employee who quit the company thinking she could parlay her Howard Stern earned credentials into a high profile gig in “Radio” somewhere else… fat chance. Read the whole store for an inside look at an industry that is no longer an industry that tales its future seriously, trading the pursuit of stockholder satisfaction for the future of the craft. SAD.Own 6 of My docudramas in ONE discounted package, over 24 hours of family friendly, historically accurate entertainment

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