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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church Show Exclusive Transcript – Check out this transcript where Sharee in TN thinks that Sen. Paul is voting for sanctions (war) on Iran and see what Mike says to set her  straight.

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Sharee in Tennessee?

Caller Sharee:  Correct.  You’re saying it correctly.  I’ve been listening to you, my husband and I, since 6 a.m., yelling at the radio.  Rand Paul voted for sanctions in May.  It was reported on CNN May 21st.  He voted for sanctions, which, as you yourself said about 6:30 this morning, is a vote for war against Iran.  So he may be a nice conservative saying he’s going to protect the children, but he’s sending our children to war.

Mike:  Well, that’s not what the sanctions — you’re wrong.


The Senate is poised to consider updated legislation stepping up sanctions on Iran on Thursday, and due to the persistence from Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, the bill will contain a provision making sure the measure is not used as an excuse to go to war with Iran or Syria.  According to a Senate Democratic leadership aide, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will ask for unanimous consent on Thursday to pass an updated version of the Johnson-Shelby Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Human Rights Act of 2012.  The measure would go after Iran’s mining, energy and shipping sectors and penalize U.S. parent companies for the Iran-related activities of their foreign subsidiaries.

The bill easily passed out of the committee almost by majority measure.  In addition, the bill strengthens human rights provisions and addresses Iran’s jamming of satellite communications.  It contains non-binding language recommending that sanctions be more intensely enforced and that sanctions evasion efforts by Iran be closely monitored.  Paul had been searching for support for his amendment, and as of May 9, only Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon had signaled a possible willingness to sign on.

[end reading]

Mike:  Apparently it was passed out of the committee.   So from what we can tell, this vote basically just allowed for economic-only sanctions.  Rand introduced amendments to it that made sure that it could not include any military action.  You can take that as an act of war.  If they are sanctions that penalize the people of Iran, then you’re right.  Then Rand did vote for the war of economic sanctions against the Iranians.  That may just be his policy position.  No one will know unless you get to ask him the question.  I haven’t heard the question asked of him, if he disagrees with his father that economic sanctions are warlike actions.  That’s a far cry from the implication that he’s now all thrown in with the decepticons, don’t you think?

Caller Sharee:  Read what Senator Graham said about that bill.  He said that it authorizes that it could lead to war.  Senator Graham has the same interpretation on his vote on that bill, it could lead to war.



Although nothing in the sanctions bill authorizes war with Iran, Paul didn’t want to take any chances.  His amendment would make clear that nothing in the bill “shall be construed as a declaration of war or an authorization of use of force against Iran or Syria.”

[end reading]

Mike:  Lindsey Graham out there boasting and bragging about his fantasy of bombing the Iranians back into the stone ages is not the equivalent of what it says in the bill, though.

Caller Sharee:  Economic sanctions means war.  You’re cutting off all of their economic ability.  It leads to war, it always does, as you yourself said.  It leads to war.

Mike:  As I said, I’d like to hear Rand’s answer to the question.  Has anyone asked him if he thinks or if he disagrees or agrees with what you just said and what his father has been saying for 35 years, that economic sanctions are warlike actions.  They are actions against the people of Iran.  What’s ironic here, or what is a non sequitur is that the title of the bill is a sanctions bill for the monitoring or promotion of human rights.  If human rights abuses are happening inside Iran and you cut off their access to trade and commerce, then you’re going to increase the human rights abuses, it would seem to me.  I think it’s a fair question.  I’m not telling you that it’s not a fair question to ask that of him.  If there is a resolution to come down to authorize military action on Iran or on Syria under current conditions, do you think that Rand is going to throw in with McCain and Graham and vote for that?

Caller Sharee:  Meaningless speaking posed at the Republican Party is not worth the sellout.  He’s a decepticon.  He’s just become a decepticon.  You’re kidding yourself to think otherwise.

Mike:  There you have it, folks.  There are nonbelievers out there.  Don’t play at the table.  Don’t participate in the process.  Let McCain and Graham have all the process.  I got it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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