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Ranger Rick Meets Folsom State Prison – As An Inmate

Ranger Rick Meets Folsom State Prison – As An Inmate

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

On Tuesday, 23 August, Federal Agents from the Department of Justice forced their way into the manufacturing facility of Gibson Guitars in Nashville, LA. The federal Woodstapo had no warrant and no probable cause for this action and their legal reasoning is still unknown, yet the story of Gibson guitars is now known to many and it needs to be told far and wide. Once inside the facility the Woodstapo agents, who were comprised of federally trained jackboots from the Fish and Wildlife service, ordered plant supervisors, at gunpoint, to stop all work and all employees to leave the facility. Who knew game wardens possessed such Borne Identity skills! One wonders what work related conditions Ranger Rick may have to confront that requires military training of this magnitude?

After ordering the employees outside like newly patriated cargo from an 18th century slave ship, the Woodstapo agents then began confiscating the private property of Gibson Guitars in the form of rosewood, which Gibson legally purchased from a licensed exporter in India. How do I know it was legal? Because the CEO of Gibson, Henry Juiszkiewicz told the entire YouTube world the story at a press event 2 days later. What is even more disturbing is, according to Juiszkiewicz, there STILL have been no charges filed against him or Gibson and worse yet no paper trail of warrants or statement of probable cause to search.

It should now be apparent to anyone making guitars or flying on commercial aircraft these days that the 4th amendment to the U.S Constitution is nothing more than a suggestion to the agents of Leviathan, like the TSA and now the Woodstapo but most Americans do not want to think that their government would ever abuse power so brazenly, why not!? We already have detailed the case of Food Agents doing the same thing to California hippies and PA Amish for committing the high crime of selling raw milk. What is next, EEOC agents invading restaurants, kicking out the line cooks, wait-staff and dishwashers while legally harvested, yet rare, Taiwanese squid are confiscated?

Something is very wrong here folks, these kinds of things might happen in Chavezs Venezuela or Kim Jong Ils North Korea, but in Johnny Cashs Nashville!? Sounds to me like most of the Federal thugocracy needs to find itself as audience members in the next re-enactment of Cashs famous concert, at the Folsom State Prison.

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