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We apologize for the video being out-of-sync and the quality.  It was recorded directly from the internet and we have been having problems with our ISP since the Hurricane. Thank you.


Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Video – Mark Kreslins filled in for Mike today who’s on his way to LPAC in Mordor. He’ll be back next week.

In this show, Mark had on special guest, Senator Curtis Olafson, to discuss a real solution; an Article V Amendment Convention. There’s no need to be afraid of this VERY constitutional solution.

Mark also discussed his initial reaction to the murder yesterday of Ambassador Stevens and suggested a need to perhaps step back a little, and put this whole issue into perspective. Not to suggest any moral equivalency (these animals who did this should be hunted and destroyed). But more importantly…could this be more “blowback?”

To listen and watch the full show, sign up for a Founders Pass!


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There is established precedent for fearing a Constitutional convention, remember the original reason the guys who gave us the Constitution were meeting? To amend the Articles of Confederation. I don’t begrudge that outcome, I applaud it but in today’s environment with the caliber of “politicians” we have, no freaking way! May as well go line up at the ditch and wait your turn.

Article 5 offers another method that can afford us the ability to wrench control of the government away from the totalitarian fascist that have hijacked it. States’ repudiation of the nonbinding agreement known as the 17th non-Amendment.

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