Reason 442,666 To Withdraw All Christian Children From Public Schools: Prayer Nazis

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Mandeville, LA – Every year there is a high-shcool football game, bake sale or commencement ceremony that riles up a controversy simply by giving thanks to Almighty God for the success of the students and their futures. This year instead of “risking” burning the tender ears of heretics, apostates and the obsessed, a Pottsgrove PA High School will ban, a priori, a benediction prayer before the graduation ceremony because ONE parent was offended by the prayer last year. To add insult to heretical injury, School Superintendent Charles Rabinowitz invokes SCOTUS / Incorporation doctrine:

“We have a diverse community representing multiple faiths and just because one faith is the dominant faith doesn’t mean that there aren’t many different religious backgrounds in our community… The law does not allow the school to provide a program prayer in school related ceremonies. There are multiple Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1963 when I was born and those decisions are clear,”

So a secular gaggle of judges hearing a complaint 50 years ago must be obeyed while the Supreme Judge of all, Almighty God, has spoken on this, unequivocally, 7,000 years ago?:

Give thanks whilst thou art living, whilst thou art alive and in health thou shalt give thanks, and shalt praise God, and shalt glory in his mercies.

There are literally hundreds of scriptures to quote here, I chose the book of Ecclesiaticus, chapter 17 because it is written by Jesus of Sirach and is chock full of advice on pursuing virtues, of which devout prayer is, and we have that on very good authority:

“And he spoke also a parable to them, that we ought always to pray, and not to faint…”

Perhaps we should ask the question WHY Beazelbub and his diabolical minions in ‘Murican government are so determined to prevent public prayer? Calling upon the wisdom of Blessed Pope Leo XIII in Augustissimæ Virginis Mariæ, we get a very clear answer: public prayer bears public fruit from God.

Leo-XIII-featured“Everyone knows how necessary prayer is for all men; not that God’s decrees can be changed, but, as St. Gregory says, “that men by asking may merit to receive what Almighty God hath decreed from eternity to grant them”. And St. Augustine says, “He who knoweth how to pray aright, knoweth how to live aright”. But prayers acquire their greatest efficacy in obtaining God’s assistance when offered publicly, by large numbers, constantly, and unanimously, so as to form as it were a single chorus of supplication; as those words of the Acts of the Apostles clearly declare wherein the disciples of Christ, awaiting the coming of the Holy Ghost, are said to have been “persevering with one mind in prayer”. Those who practise this manner of prayer will never fail to obtain certain fruit. Such is certainly the case with members of the Rosary Sodality. Just as by the recitation of the Divine Office, priests offer a public, constant, and most efficacious supplication; so the supplication offered by the members of this Sodality in the recitation of the Rosary, or “Psalter of Our Lady,” as it has been styled by some of the Popes, is also in a way public, constant, and universal.” [-emphasis mine]

We won’t even deal with Rabinowitz’s casual recitation and defense of the abomination that is plurality of “faiths” as if God and the God Man he sent advocated 37,000 flavors of dogma and doctrine; someone should actually file a counter lawsuit and ask if it is the actual invocation of “Jesus” or “God” that is proscribed or that those proper nouns are delivered in a reverent tone, with reverent gestures like heads bowing, knees bending and hands being clasped, as if these rubrics might have an effect… heaven forfend! Until we begin to see the faithful return to singular Church teaching and tradition while withdrawing their consent from public institutions under the Red, White and Blue of Baphomet, this suppression of Faith will continue to expand. Answer? If you haven’t done so already, withdraw your consent from these institutions and run your own, prayerful events as a community school. Who knows, your public prayers may be answered.

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